Introducing the Crystal Reading Course for Crystal Collectors

Crystals are very healing. They can be used therapeutically, in gridwork, in elixirs - but if you've ever wondered what to do with all those glorious crystals you collect - you know, other than tuck them in your pocket or bra, or leaving a couple out at night on your bedside table - hold up! I've got big news!

The Crystal Reading Course for Crystal Collectors is Rogue Wood's brand new online course offering a customizable outline to help get you started with using the crystals in your personal collection for crystal readings. This course is designed for beginner to intermediate crystal collectors, and will help you enhance your intuitive abilities through the help of your stones.

Crystal readings are very similar to tarot readings, tea leaf readings, rune readings or any other "casting" or "sorting" form of divination. Sortery is the arrangement of objects that have been assigned a meaning or characteristic. The arrangement is then interpreted in a unique way that is special to the person reading the objects. I wrote more about sortery over on Our Body Book; check it out here.

Now, you can use the crystals you already have for really thoughtful, powerful crystal readings. In this course, you will learn how to give general readings to yourself or your querent, to offer an overview on what's happening in the querent's life at the moment and how to move forward.


This course is laid out in three stages

1. Logistics

You are first introduced to how the reading works logistically - what am I doing; what goes where - and what each position in the spread represents. I also explain what types of crystals to avoid for practical reasons.


The reader then learns how to interpret the crystals drawn in the spread using the reading attributes list included in the course. The reading attributes list includes 58 stones and what their meanings are when they are drawn in a reading. The traditional characteristics of a stone - such as self-love, love, heart healing, calmness, and romance for Rose Quartz - are not all included for the stone in the reading attributes list. Rather, one particular attribute is isolated. In the crystal reading course, drawing Rose Quartz represents love and relationships, specifically. 

But just plucking that stone doesn't really mean anything on its own. It matters when that stone is drawn in the sequence. And that's where things get really cool!

And what happens if you want to use a crystal that I haven't included in the 58-stone guide? No worries. I show you how to use any stone for readings so you can make your reading style super unique and personal to you.

3. Practice Readings

Finally, I've included practice readings to help you stretch your legs and stretch your intuition. The practice readings are really fun, and even offer examples of how I would have read the reading. It shows you how dynamic readings can be, and how the power of your intuition really comes into play to make your style unique, and to offer insight to those you are reading.

One very important thing to remember: readings can be very emotional for the querent. Always be sure to use your personal ethics and high standards when doing readings. People having their crystals read are trusting you to shed some light on their spirit's current journey, and that can be a sensitive subject for some people, especially if they're experiencing something that has them feeling vulnerable. Try your best not to bulldoze through a reading!

Once you've taken the course and played around with your own crystals, I would really love to hear about how your readings are going. You can always get at me by commenting on this post below, or by sending me a personal note to

Are you ready to learn how to LEARN crystal readings?