6 High Vibe Crystal Pairings

When crystals are placed in a grid formation - or gridwork - their effects are supercharged! Bringing crystals together can alter or magnify their properties and how they complement one another, creating some next-level healing, growth and personal expansion.

I can totally appreciate that gridwork may seem daunting. A great way to familiarize yourself with how stones influence one another and can work together is to ease yourself into crystal pairings. Many people tuck a bunch of stones in their pocket, but those stones may have competing energy. If their energy does not complement, it could have diluted, unnoticeable or even reverse affects to what you're working toward.

Rose Quartz and Carnelian


Rose Quartz and Carnelian are an ideal pairing to promote fertility and connection. Sometimes, when trying hard to have a child, the sex can lose its romance, making it feel like a job or work. Rose Quartz and Carnelian reconnect the couple, heal any out of balance energy and promote a ripe and fertile environment.  Rose Quartz heals emotional and spiritual wounds, and this is imperative to how these two stones work together. Carnelian helps regulate a woman's cycle, promoting fertility. 

Tuck these two stones together on your night table. You can keep another pairing on your partner's side as well, but its not a requirement to feel the effects. Be sure to work with cleansed stones. You can check out more romantic pairings here.

Clear Quartz and Black Tourmaline

Big Healing

Clear Quartz is the Master Healer, and Black Tourmaline is essentially... the King Protector and Negativity Absorber. Together, these two are potent and transformative, inviting radical inner shifting. They work amazing together when used in gridwork. The Clear Quartz directs the energy into the Black Tourmaline, locking it in place and removing all toxicity and negativity so it can do its epic healing work. If you're exhausted or suffering from adrenal fatigue, this is the combo for you. The Clear Quartz will expand your auric field, making you magnetic, healthy and vibrant. You can also program Clear Quartz to supercharge your healing and growth. Check out this link to find out how to program your Quartz.

Place these stones together throughout the home during gridworkThey work exceptionally well when placed in the home to create a sacred and safe environment. Or keep them on you; tucked in your pocket or tucked in your bra to allow the pairing to work on you all day long. Be sure to work with cleansed stones.

Moonstone and Sunstone


Moonstone and Sunstone are a gorgeous pairing; one stimulates the divine and sacred feminine within (Moonstone), and the other rouses our passion, strength, and sense of order and direction (Sunstone). Together, they align us and promote deep deep deep balance within. If you're struggling with either feeling too much of one way - too gentle; too bold, or a variation of those words - use these two stones together rather than just the single stone to help with what you're lacking. You don't want to diminish your masculine side if it's running abundant. Rather, you want to get it under control and improve your femininity and intuition to help propel your masculine side. These two energies only help one another become better versions.

Note: masculine does not mean male, and feminine does not mean female. Keep these stones on you if you're feeling out of sorts or want to stimulate personal power, or release some of your domineering side. Together they are also very uplifting and positive. Always work with cleansed stones.

Amethyst and Moonstone

Sleep Therapy

If your sleep quality is suffering, everything in your body can feel out of whack. Maybe the moon is keeping you up; maybe you can't shut your brain off from making all those to-do lists; maybe you're tired no matter how much sleep you get; maybe you have scary dreams or night terrors. Working with Amethyst and Moonstone together by the bedside is a great pairing to connect you to the moon's sleepy energy and promote rest and restoration when you slip into the unconscious. This pairing will make your dreams more memorable as well, a sign that your sleep quality is improving; our dreams help us sort through all the stresses of the day. It is important to allow our subconscious to sort through these events. The longer you use this pairing, you'll notice your dreams beginning to taper, a sign that you are really recharging at night. If your dreams are scary, this will help promote lucid dreaming, where you are able to become aware you are dreaming, and take control of the dream's outcome. (Woo!)

Keep them together in a little offering bowl or on a bedtime pillow on your night table. An offering bowl, crystal house, crystal bowl or bedtime pillow is just a safe spot to keep your bedtime stones. It's very respectful to give your crystals a special place! I always use one of these at night to harness even more therapeutic and healing crystal energy. Bedtime is so important. Always work with cleansed stones.

Moldavite and Smoky Quartz


Moldavite is wicked cool; it's rare and powerful and an alien stone not of this earth. It is meant to help us grow through all the energetic pollution within our planet, helping us evolve into healthy intuitive creatures. Since this stone is SO high vibe, it can make you loopy. Sensitive individuals who know they are from somewhere else or often feel "homesick" can have a lot of value in working with this stone because it helps bring awareness and insight into your deep cosmic contracts. With so much intensity, I suggest it is never used alone. It pairs well with an earthly, balanced and grounded stone like Smoky Quartz. Smoky Quartz will ground your energy and lift any feelings of heaviness, sadness, or homesickness, allowing you to access the deep insight that Moldavite can bring.

Moldavite's otherworldly insight can also shine a light on any disease you are suffering from, showing you the "gift" within your illness. Smoky Quartz will help give you the strength to heal and understand the lesson. Keep these stones together on an altar. You do not need to keep them on you. They are a little too strong to be in constant connection with you. Instead, have focused meditation time with them, and always work with cleansed stones.

Pyrite and Opalite


Pyrite is a beast for personal manifestation and I love it paired with Opalite because it encourages you to NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS! Not even when it's hard and you've been totally beaten down. Opalite is the stone os "personal endowment" and helps you see your value and your worth, and how you might use your skills to your best ability. Pyrite promotes leadership and gets you noticed - think all eyes on you! You sparkle like this stone! Together, these two can help you majorly manifest your heart's true desire, whether that is in business/career, love, health or your home life. It's whatever you want to manifest. Gorgeous!

Keep this lovely pairing on you while you're focusing and working on your dreams. If you're trying to lose weight, trying to land a book deal, trying to adopt a child - you name it; this combo will make you sparkle. Remember to always work with cleansed stones.

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One final word on pairings: Be gentle with yourself! Pairing your stones or taking the leap to gridwork can feel overwhelming. Why are all those stones in intricate patterns? What does it mean? You'll get there. Always trust your intuition, and research, research, research! Look at your personal crystal collection and become a master in knowing their properties and personalities.



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