Are you cleansing your crystal jewellery?

One of the best ways to sync your energy with crystals in order to maximize their healing and therapeutic potential is by wearing crystals as jewellery. But many of us forget that these crystals need energetic cleansing, too, just like all the loose stones in our crystal collections do.

I have a Herkimer diamond ring I wear daily. That means its emitting, absorbing and churning a lot of energy on the regular. Since Herkimers are actually doubly terminated quartz crystals, they carry all the properties of clear quartz. They are programmable, powerful, and unblock and absorb energy. And since I wear the ring frequently, it's picking up a lot of energy from me, and also affecting my own energy.

Wearing a crystal like that every single day means that it is active and working, arguably even more than a loose, tumbled crystal in your collection. It is absorbing a lot of energy and therefore has the potential to affect your own energy if it gets clogged or dirty. It would become lethargic in its therapeutic and healing abilities, and could actually make you feel less than stellar, too.

An uncleansed stone can be potentially harmful.


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If you bring thrifted jewellery home (or any thrifted item for that matter), unaware of who its previous owner was, the previous owner's energy may still be all over that item. Depending on what their mood, habits and energy was like, and depending on the crystal involved, you could be setting yourself for some uneasy feelings. And if the original owner has passed, they could still be energetically linked to that item you brought home. For these reasons, its especially important to cleanse thrifted items and jewellery.

We often forget to cleanse our crystal jewellery because it is easy to overlook the fact that it contains a healing stone. We may just think of it as an accessory. But crystal jewellery can absorb energy more often than crystals in our personal collections because we work with them more frequently than we realize. Though we may wear crystals, actively aware that we want to adopt their energetic properties, say with a mala stone during meditation, there are other pieces of jewellery we wear without being conscious that they are also affecting us energetically.


Whether you wear a ring with a piece of jade or moonstone in it, a pair of sapphire earrings, or a pendant with a shard of lemurian quartz on the end, these crystals need to be cleansed just as your other stones need to be. If your jewellery is sitting in a drawer most of the time, and you only wear it occasionally, it should still be a part of your crystal cleansing rituals in order to guarantee it is energetically clean and working for you at its best possible potential. 

Check out this post for an extensive list on how to cleanse your crystals.


Analyze your personal jewellery collection to see if you have any items with crystals in them. If you do, try to remember the last time you cleansed that item or if you have ever cleansed it. You can check out our crystal cleansing schedule in through the Prairie Polar Cleanse here, to find out when the upcoming full moon is. A full moon is a great monthly reminder to cleanse and charge your crystals - including your jewellery.