How to build a crystal grid for personal power

Are you looking to ramp up your personal powerhouse vibes? Perfect. Me too. I've created this simple and effective crystal grid for personal power, to help you attract motivation and abundance into your life. This is a perfect grid to manifest some serious shit in your career and business life, and it does double duty for any freelance/solopreneurs out there, or anyone who needs that extra kick in the ass to keep the energy supplies up.


This grid uses some strong stones, including pyrite, clear quartz, citrine and sodalite. Each of these crystals have amazing and powerful properties, and when they come together with the power of a grid formation (sacred geometry), they can intensify/amplify.

Pyrite will help you make your own success. It is an excellent motivator.
Clear Quartz helps keep all the varying energies pure and on track. I also think it's necessary in all grids.
Citrine is a wealth and abundance stone, attracting all that positive good shit to your front door.
Sodalite keeps you rational while ramping up that drive for your personal truth, striving toward what makes you happiest.

Place this grid in your home office, on your personal altar, or somewhere safe at your workplace if you have your own desk. You can use tiny nuggets for stones or some whoppers - whatever you have access to, and whatever you're comfortable with. If you're building this grid in a public place, say on your desk at work, I'd opt for some tinier stones for obvious reasons.

Cleanse and charge each stone before placing them into position. If you're building this grid at work, cleanse and charge your stones in a safe space at home before bringing them in.


1. Mark pyrite as your main stone. This stone will have the other stones built around it. I chose pyrite because it is a stone of personal power, success, progress and motivation, making it a great crystal choice to amplify all the great attributes within you.

2. Place four shards of clear quartz at north, south, east and west of the main stone. These crystals will direct the energy around and into your personal space where you come up with all your ideas, or where you do most of your work (this is why this grid works in your workplace).

3. In the relief between the clear quartz, place four pieces of citrine. The citrine should be placed slightly higher than the base of the clear quartz to keep the energy radiating outward. 

4. Place eight pieces of sodalite in the relief between the citrine and clear quartz, slight above each stone to keep the energy radiating outward.

Make sure your stones aren't out of sync, and that they're locked in by sacred geometry, activating the grid to breathe life into it. I explain more about this here.

Get it right the first time with this free printable guide that you can place beneath your crystals so you know they're in the absolute perfect position.