Are you suffering from a Cosmic Contract?

Have you ever been moving along in your career or relationships, keeping steady and minding your business - when all of a sudden things start to go sour? On the surface, it seems like nothing has really changed, and yet, suddenly, everything seems to be going wrong. You may be suffering from a stale Cosmic Contract.

When I'm doing crystal readings, I often find I'm explaining the concept of Cosmic Contracts to many of the people sitting across from me, because so many of us struggle with the idea of letting go.

Entertain the idea that before your soul incarnates into this life, you're hanging out in the Astral Plane, designing your next life. You may choose the mission you're looking to fulfill, and some talents that you feel would support you, based on previous lives you've lived. And while you don't plot out the exact path your life will take - the human experience is all about free will - you will outline a certain destination that you aim to reach.

So many things can happen along the way. Premature death. Illness. Grief. Abuse. Addictions. And while these aren't things you choose to experience, they're part of the human journey and are sometimes unavoidable. Your soul knows this.

Free will is a major part of the human experience. And while your soul is always trying to guide you, it's very easy to get "caught up" in some of the trials of what it means to be a human.

I really like author and mystic, Ainslie Mcleod's description of the soul and the human experience in his book - THAT I LOVE - "The Instruction: Living the Life your Soul Intended": If you read books and books about ceramics and pottery, you may build up a vast theory to draw from. But that theory is very different from actually sitting down at a pottery wheel and throwing a piece of clay. While the soul could study and watch the human experience from the Astral Plane, it is another thing entirely to incarnate and experience it.

Imagine your soul signing a Cosmic Contract - with another soul, or even a place, job, home, etc. Imagine yourself writing out a big scroll, with all your potentials and possibilities. They're infinite, so it's gonna be a pretty long list.

Let's now fast forward to your human experience. You have no recollection of that soul time - just like how you don't remember being born, or even your earliest years of life.

Cosmic Contract Example one

You're in a great, loving relationship. You have transformed in the relationship, you and your partner both growing into these really amazing individuals. Maybe you even buy a house together. Or get a dog. You love each other!

And then things slowly start to feel uncomfortable. Something starts to irritate you. Your opinions begin to clash. Your interests begin to change. Or your lives seem to stop flowing together. You feel yourselves growing apart, and yet nothing has "really changed," other than the fact that... you have both changed. You both have grown and evolved.

Cosmic Contract Example two

You've landed an amazing job. The job of your dreams! Or even just a good steady job that you quite like. The environment is great, your coworkers are great, and the work is fulfilling or easy. Maybe the money is even good.

You've been plodding along, enjoying yourself, and then things slowly start to feel uncomfortable. Perhaps a close coworker leaves, or a new one joins and he or she doesn't seem to integrate with your energy. New rules or expectations are implemented. Or your duties are adjusted. You feel yourself begin to dread clocking in, even though you maybe got a pay raise and have good benefits. You have grown and evolved through the process.

The Universe is just gently pulling away at all the little pieces that keep you locked there, overstaying the contract.

Every event in our life serves as an opportunity for growth. We are constantly evolving and changing as we trek on, and sometimes, we "conquer" or "acquire" the lesson from that experience. And since the soul's main purpose is to accumulate experience and grow, if we keep ourselves in a stagnant environment/situation, it may cause our soul to shout at us.

"Hey! You fulfilled the contract. It is time to move on. You're no longer growing!"

While many of us may intuitively know when it's time to peace out, it's not always that simple. We always have the power of free will - the freedom of choice to stay (in the stale contract), or to leave.

Sometimes, our heads can get in the way of the connection from our intuition; "But I have a pension here, and the stable income is good," or "We've been together for years, I can hang on through a rough patch!" 

We always have the choice to stay or to move on. Always. And when we overstay contracts, that's when things can start to "go wrong". It may feel as if outside forces are pulling us away or affecting our day-to-day.

And in essence, they are.

The universe and your soul are always trying to move you toward growth and expansion, and once we've learned everything we can from an experience, we stop growing; we become stagnant. We are not designed to become stagnant! Everything about us is constantly evolving and expanding, so when we keep ourselves in a situation that is stifling our growth, sometimes it can feel like the universe is conspiring to get you out of there.

You can begin to recognize when you stop growing from an experience, and some people can even identify the exact moment when they "get it" or acquire everything they're supposed to. They have a sort of ah-ha moment, and that moment then launches them down a new path and into a new experience; more growth!

What about our relationships - Cosmic Contracts - with people?

Instead of jumping right to romance, reflect on your friendships. Many of us have childhood friends we are still in contact with, or even maintain amazing friendships. And all of us have had many of those childhood relationships dissolve entirely.

You probably don't expect to maintain friendships with every other kid from Grade Two. It's easy to grasp that you've grown into different people, and your energy, perhaps, isn't really a match for each other anymore. But you may still really cherish some of the amazing memories you had when you were younger, even if they aren't really logistically possible to maintain now. When the friendship dissolves, from a soul perspective, you may have learned everything you meant to learn from each other, and you can look back with love. Fondness.

But what about those friendships that have lasted?

Everyone is growing at his or her own rate, and in his or her own direction. We are constantly expanding, as are the souls around us. And we often expand in complementary ways, that keep us growing as individuals and growing in our relationships. And this is especially true with romantic partners. You and your partner are each growing on your own, and your relationship is growing as well.

You can grow in complementary ways. Together. Alongside one another. Or, you can grow apart. And that's OK.


How do I know when I've fulfilled the contract?

This can, admittedly, take practice - but everyone has he capability of knowing. The more you develop your intuitive side and your awareness that we are all connected to each other, it becomes easier to know when you've "conquered/achieved" the lesson. And consequently, when you can move on. Or grow!

While not everyone has the ah-ha moment of understanding the lesson and moving onto the next step, the first way to identify if you've overstayed a contract is to pay attention to the following emotions:

- irritability
- restlessness
- boredom
- numbness
- frustration

Your soul is always trying to connect with you and get your attention, subtly guiding you through your human experience. Feeling restless or irritable every time you go to work, sure, can point to a time of increased stress with a project or presentation, but if the feelings become a constant, or a "habit," this can be a big indicator that you've achieved all you were meant to in this space, and your soul wants you to move on.

Often in relationships, a growing sense of boredom or numbness toward your life with your partner is an indicator that you are no longer growing together, but have grown apart.

Most of us usually have a "default emotion" we click into when our soul is trying to guide us. Some of us simply have an inner knowingness that it's time to move on, and some of us always feel restless, or bored or frustrated when our soul wants us to know we should move on to the next step. And that emotion becomes our indicator. 

Do you know your default emotion? Do you know your soul's signature to get your attention?

If one of those emotions resonates with you as something you are familiar with experiencing (I always get frustrated! or, I often grow bored.), that could be your soul's signature for you to pay attention to. Developing this awareness of your inner guidance can help you to evolve and capitalize on all your amazing experiences.

And knowing that - sometimes - a good thing can come to an end, and that's OK, may give you the permission you need to move toward change and growth throughout your entire life experience.

Photo by Monique Pantel. She's incredible. Check her out.