What are your Celtic Astrology Signs?

The Celts collected a lot of wisdom from nature. They observed animals, revered trees, and made medicine from plants. It is tough to find distinction between nature, animals, and people in ancient Celtic writings. They saw everything as one.

The Celtic civilization noticed a link between personality and the time of year a child was born. The druids, the teachers and philosophers of the ancient Celts, began to carefully observe this pattern by studying the behaviour of children from the time they were born until they were around twenty. Children born in early December had a tendency to be brutally honest and love life in the fast lane. Children born in late October seemed intuitive and able to persevere great pain with grace. They noticed a drastic change in personality would occur with each moon phase. 

Celtic Astrology was born from this. The druids paired each phase of the moon with one of their sacred trees that possessed corresponding qualities. They also gave each phase a symbolic animal, colour, and gemstone! Below is a list of the 12 plant and animal signs according to Celtic Astrology.

The 12 Celtic Plant + Animal Signs

Stag / Birch
December 24 – January 20

Equipped with a strong sense of self and sharp perception, you are quite the trailblazer. You are very aware of both your surroundings and your own inner workings. This heightened awareness makes you a great leader and gives you the ability to make sound decisions. So, don't be afraid to follow your hunches and trust your instincts. You tend to overachieve and, with persistence, you can turn anything into a success. Your confidence may be mistaken for arrogance, though your drive really comes from a sense of great responsibility.


Cat / Rowan
January 21 – February 17

Your mind and wit are extremely quick and you possess excellent reasoning abilities. You may feel scattered because your thoughts are fast paced and you have many ideas. Because of this, you hate to be bored. You’re smart, are able to see things from a unique perspective, and can communicate your fresh angle well with others. You can come across aloof, because you often migrate to the outskirts preferring to be alone if it means you can do things your own way. In reality, you are very kind. In addition to your sharp mind, you also have a free-flowing artistic side and will likely find a creative outlet to express it.


Snake / Ash
February 18 - March 17

Don’t be misled, the snake is a very positive animal to be associated with. You’re not coldblooded and you use your strong persuasion skills for good. Contrary to popular belief, snakes are healers and natural caregivers. You’re levelheaded, yet lively. Passionate, yet cunning. You’re a natural communicator and can easily persuade others to see your side. Your enthusiasm inspires others to do things your way. Which is nice for you, as you don’t like to conform to others.


Fox / Alder
March 18 - April 14

You are cunning, sly, and possess a charming sense of humour. You’re an untameable force and turn everything into an adventure. You do have a kind heart, though you often don’t slow down enough to express your affection. Despite this lack of emotional expression, your friends and family still know how you feel about them because your loyalty is always shown. A fox-type is best known for their energy and courage.


Bull / Willow
April 15 - May 12

You are the most determined and the most stable of all the signs. This makes you a loyal confidant and a shoulder to cry on. It also makes you stubborn and set in your ways. You are open to change and learning new things, but you need to do it your way at your own pace. You’re a sucker for routine and a true homebody. You have a strong nurturing side and make an excellent parent or mentor. Practical, loyal, and family-centric, one is lucky to have you on their side.


Seahorse / Hawthorn
May 13 - June 9

Vastly flexible and resourceful, people under the Seahorse sign are able to go with the flow more than any other sign. They are content with where life takes them and soak up information from the environment. Nothing goes over their head and no experience is wasted on them. Their inventive nature and sharp intellect can be put to great use managing finances and legal matters. Their ability to drift and adapt is useful, however they will put down deep roots when they find something that suits them.


Wren / oak
June 10 - July 7

The Wren is deep in thought and emotion. In both of these arenas, you are quite unique and will never take the conventional approach. You are open to new insight and often come to conclusions that are unusual to others. Your special skill is being able to use every key to unlock emotional doors and explore the depths of your feelings. You, being quite a contradictory being, fear vulnerability, despite being so sensitive. This makes you self-protective and puts you at risk for building emotional barricades. People are surprised to know you are easily hurt because you remain stoic on the outside and find inventive ways to avoid emotional damage. Regardless of your emotional state, you are nurturing towards those you care about and love to be in the security of your own home.


Horse / holly
July 8 – August 4

The Horse sign is exuberant and powerful. You are gifted and put your abilities to good use as you are naturally competitive. You forge new paths and lead the way for others. Open and wild, you are a born leader with magnetic presence and are able to remain fearless in the face of trouble. This charming and sociable sign demands the attention of any room and can win over the hearts of their company. You desire recognition for your contributions. Though, you are far from compliant, you are quick to collaborate. You make an excellent teammate and thrive when your partner adores you.


Salmon / hazel
August 5 – September 1

If you're a Salmon sign, you can be hard for others to decipher as you are stand-offish and keep your cards close. Your self-preservation may deter others from believing them to be warm and loving, but you, in fact, are extremely caring. This side of you will show strongly if you learn to accept yourself and if you are with people in an environment that you feel safe. This need will lead you on a journey to find a place you can call home and to feel at home with yourself. You need an outlet for your intellectual energy and are very studious. This is balanced out by creative energy and a strong imagination. Your capabilities on both ends of the spectrum make you unique from other signs and leads you to develop a wide variety of skills. Though, you won't be boastful about this. When the Salmon does feel comfortable and show their true selves, people are always impressed by their deep insight and natural intuition.


Swan / vine
September 2 - September 29

Swans are extraordinary beings in a class of their own. You hold your head high and your standards higher. You avoid chaos and, in fact, are obsessed with maintaining order. You have good taste, an eye for beauty, and a noble air about you. You can be mistaken for being disconnected from what’s around you, but it’s not true. You are passionate and feel deeply; you just don’t want people to know that about you. These detail-oriented, perceptive types hide much under their cool surface. Extravagant dreams held at bay by a stronger desire for control and fear of the unknown. If you allow yourself to step out of you comfort zone, you are capable of incredible feats.


Butterfly / ivy
September 30 – October 27

Your elegance and grace is what others notice first about you. As well, butterfly signs tend to get attention for their physical beauty. You are made to fly from one pleasurable delight to the next, so you are most unhappy when tied down. You are the most empathetic of the signs. This is a rare skill that gives you a unique advantage. You understand people on a deeper level, communicate with diplomacy, and aim to maintain harmony in your life and the lives of others. Your desire for approval from others fuels you, but can get you into trouble. You are free-spirited and creative, so to maintain inner peace, you should be wary not chain yourself to the expectations of others. You need to learn to love yourself so that you can be free to fly independently.


Wolf / reed
October 28 - November 24

Those with the Wolf sign have a strong sense of purpose. Fearless, brave, and unwavering, you are remarkable to others for your inner fortitude. You will go to great lengths to see your point made and fully understood. You are always up for a new challenge. In fact, you thrive in the face of adversity. You are respected for your upstanding integrity and honour. You can be a lone wolf, but will unite with you if you share their cause.


Hawk / elder
November 25 – December 23

The Hawk is known for having crazy ideas and respected for their strong ability to follow through on them. You are popular because of your optimism, infectious passion, and magnetic enthusiasm. But it’s your strong visionary qualities that makes you truly unique and inspires devotion from those around you. Those with the Hawk sign often take great risks with success, even if it comes in an unusual fashion. It is not luck, though some may believe it to be that. It is your ability to see what most don’t that leads to greater lengths than most will go. Your curiosity and unwavering instinct will naturally lead you forward and enable you to carve out a new path if one is not yet formed. The Hawk can be freedom-seeking and overconfident, but is grounded by their deep connection to their family and they often mate for life.

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