Career power pack

If this is the year you are focused on making big leaps in your career, seek out a couple career crystals to work with as personal amulets. Here is a mini career power pack to help propel you wherever your career takes you! These stones are all complementary pairings and work well with one another, amplifying each crystal's potential.


To attune yourself to these crystals in order to reap their benefits, keep them with you while you brainstorm on your big career ideas, be that an entrepreneurial route, moving up the corporate ladder or whatever else your heart desires. Line them up beside your work station when you hanker down. You can also keep them in your pant pocket, tucked inside your blazer or inside your binder during brainstorm sessions, important meetings, or with solitary work at your desk. Whenever you are working toward your big picture - and that's all in the little details - be sure to have these crystals with you. Land that client after an important pitch, improve your sales goals, get that new coffee shop off the ground, get that promotion or get that novel written - whatever your end goal is, these crystals are on your team to help you get there.

The following crystals appear in the image above, from left to right:


Jet resonates with business pursuits, particularly in the realm of finance. If your particular idea requires the support of investors, Jet is extra beneficial to you. It has strong and stable energy, making is perfect for new business ventures. It brings extra luck to entrepreneurs. Since black stones are great at absorbing negative energy, Jet will do double duty in helping you out, sucking away all those little wisps of doubt that weave through your mind.


Smoky Quartz is grounding and practical, not letting grandiose ideas get the best of you and potentially derail you before your idea takes flight. It has wonderful cooperation properties and promotes harmony in groups, so if you are going into business with more than one person or are working in groups or brainstorm sessions, this stone will help move things in a positive direction. However, if you're working alone, this stone will help you to articulate yourself eloquently even when bouncing ideas of trusted individuals.


I dub Citrine thee success stone as it promotes luck and prosperity in all areas. It has hopeful, bright energy and will keep you positive throughout those long gruelling nights, or when frustration might get the better of you. Its abundance luck pulls great things toward you making it a powerhouse for businesses.


Goldstone is a manmade stone, encouraging your manmade luck, meaning - you reap what you sew. It brings luck in new business ventures and helps you to achieve your goals. Since this guy strengthens your personal lustre, he's a great enhancer when you need to make that big pitch. It helps direct your energy to the right areas so you can plan your vision and dreams. It's been known to toss clever "out-of-the-box" ideas your way.

Don't forget to cleanse and charge your crystals! Cleansed crystals are powered up and ready to use; any lingering energy that they may have absorbed from others is wiped away. Charging your crystals gives them an added super charge so they know who they're helping and who they're working with. By directing a crystal's energies you can bring yourself stronger vibes.