Five healing ideas for a soothing bedtime ritual

Rituals. They are such sacred little acts. They are habits that hold a special magic around them, particularly in how they make you feel. Many rituals are born within families, and passed down through the generations. And this is largely what makes them special. We remember these special moments as kids, and they make us feel something so special inside that we want to pass the same feelings on to our own children.

Personal rituals can begin and change at any time, but they are sacred moments carved out of the day meant just for you. They are moments where you're allowed to dedicate just a small amount of time to yourself; where you are the only focus.

My favourite thing about rituals is that they are a time we can use to worship ourselves; to celebrate our bodies and thank them for all they do for us, carrying us through each day.

Having a bedtime ritual can help quell any sleep issues, and can even train your body into releasing soothing nighttime chemicals that prepare you for sleep. These rituals are relaxing and calming, and can help melt the stress of the day away so we can have a restful and rejuvenating sleep. I know I'm one for staying up, restless, making lists in my head of all the things I need to do. Having a bedtime ritual allows your body to purge all those anxious neuroses. Below are five ideas for a soothing bedtime ritual.


Harnessing the power of soothing crystals is a great way to help prepare our bodies for sleep. For those who have particular trouble shutting off the "on" switch once the day is over, a crystal grid using amethyst may work wonders for you. Amethyst is a particularly good crystal to use for calm-inducing effects, and for dreamwork, making it a good choice for bedtime rituals. Laying with a crystal grid formation around you or around your bed for twenty minutes before bed, can help your body adopt a state that is at ease and relaxed. You can learn how to make a stress-elimination grid here

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There are so many benefits to doing yoga that I could fill an entire blog singing its praises. Working with inversions in yoga is particularly helpful in preparing our bodies for rest. After some light stretches, lay with your back against your bed (or the floor) and your bum against the wall. Have your legs stretched up vertically and resting gently against the wall. Place a crystal of your choice, or a clear quartz crystal that has been programmed with a soothing and therapeutic intention (or something else compatible), onto the centre of your chest. Breathe deeply in this position for twenty minutes, concentrating on the crystal radiating through your body from the centre point of your chest. Once you climb under the covers, place the crystal that had been on your chest on your night stand and leave it there until morning.


Fresh air can do amazing things for our sleep patterns. Aren't you completely spent and exhausted after spending a day outside breathing in heaps of fresh air? Not to mention the song of the night; crickets, bullfrogs, cicadas, owls. Meditation is a great practice to help centre ourselves, teach discipline and even work through problems, but when we pair it with nighttime's cool tingle, and its hypnotic lullaby, we can help induce our bodies and minds into a state of peace and deep relaxation. Mediating outdoors just before bed for ten minutes will help launch your body into dreamscapes a few moments after hitting your pillow. Focus on your breathing, and even give yourself a bedtime seed for sweet dreams.


Every single night, sometimes even to the chagrin of my partner, I spray something soothing and gentle into the air around my bed and on my pillow. I'll either use a lavender or chamomile hydrosol, or even a linen spray. The moment I rest my head down against my pillow, I inhale the sweet scent and immediately feel a gentleness wash over me. I inhale deeply, and settle into my cozy bed. I keep my sprays right on my nightstand, just waiting for me each night. Scent can be extremely powerful, just like how freshly baked bread, warm cookies, or pumpkin pie can be soothing and warming, making you reminisce about being safe as a child, lavender and chamomile, or honey or lilac, can send off bedtime signals to your brain. Since the power of smell can immediately send us off down memory lane, adopting aromatherapy at bedtime can help your body remember "now its time to shut down and recharge".


Bath brews are my absolute favourite way to unwind (aside from a glass of wine). I became obsessed with Northlore Good's bath brews as soon as she began recommending them as moon rituals. Their fragrances are rejuvenating and fresh, and her ethically harvested botanicals and crystals in each brew make the entire bath time experience extra magical. And you can get the brews in our shop! Having a relaxing bath before bed helps to soothe our bodies from a day of physicality, and allows us a safe and calming space to read an addictive book, inhale aromatherapy and unwind in a healthy way.