August's Cosmic Influence Report

August's moon cycle is called the Red Moon, and it's going to bring some passionate, emotional and contrasting energy with it. We are experiencing many retrograding planets right now, and will have two contrasting zodiac seasons: Leo Season and Virgo Season. Read below for deeper insight into what's going on up in the sky:

Red Moon Energy

The Red Moon can be an intense moon cycle. It brings an energy that will most likely affect the area we were passionate about over July (Thunder Moon), when we were receiving a constant stream of "lightning bolt" insights, inspiration and creative ideas. But for some of us, that passion/heat will be toward another person; an existing love, or even a new one. This can spell romance, or feuding, so proceed with caution.

Our emotions are running at an all time high this month. Wooooowie there has been a lot of cosmic shifting this year. This shifting has been propelling us each in new directions, and making us grow faster than we can even remember. Do we even know what to think anymore? Probably not, and that's OK. Who you were in January 2018 is NOT who you will be by December, and now we're more than half-way through that radical transformation.

You may feel sensitive this month! Try to remind yourself that your sensitivity right now is just an indication of how connected you are to something bigger - something outside yourself. Our body's are catching up with our spirit. It will take a little bit of time until we're walking "our walk". 

Reflect back to January and March's Blue Moons because they were a very rare occurrence. What started to bubble up in your life at that time? Maybe you REALLY realized how something didn't fit you anymore. A job, a person, a lifestyle. Or maybe it was just a little hunch you could no longer ignore. We are revisiting that cycle that began with the Blue Moons. The Red Moon is the other half of that transformation, and it will contrast it. Your new ideas or feelings that were born from those moons may have come to a boiling point in July. The Red Moon may challenge them in some way. (Oof)

Compare your circumstances to what's happening on a global scale. That strange undercurrent thrumming through us, knowing that some "normal" big picture things just aren't truly right anymore. They probably never were, but we didn't know what we didn't know. Now, we know! And we collectively know. We can't take action about these big picture things just yet; we have to fully process and understand how we feel about them, until we can make a plan on how to move forward.

We can't rush the process.

When you compare this global movement to the circumstances in your own life, I hope the parallels inspire you in some way. I hope they remind you just how connected we each are to one another: how we are all in this together.

Just know that this process is only designed to make you and all of us, better. Do not resist August's influence because it is mighty. Instead, sink your teeth in!

August will kick off with some tail end energy from July's Thunder Moon cycle. The Last Quarter moon will greet us over the first weekend of August, having us each slowing down and recalibrating after a week into Mercury Retrograde and that whopper lunar eclipse. There's a really good chance you felt tired after the lunar eclipse. It takes a lot of work to process and release the things that we are ready to shed, and sometimes that affects our physical body. In fact, most times it does.

The Lunar Eclipse's significance

The lunar eclipse on July 27 was the longest of the century. It came after a challenging Cancer Season, when we were desperate for some of the IDGAF energy that can come with Leo Season. Cancer Season was a doozy this year. 

Eclipses can be symbolic for "eclipsing" something from our lives. Paired with Leo Season and Mercury Retrograde, that deep, dark, internal torment - some that may have been lingering and swirling within for YEARS - had the potential to be eclipsed or released.

Since this was the longest eclipse of the century, there is a good chance that the aspects of yourself you were being encouraged to release had been with you for an extremely long time. And once that process was really initiated, a new found confidence was waiting for us on the other side.

Now, we're getting our footing on that other side, and that's August's Red Moon cycle.

However, anytime we drum up old wounds, or realize we even have wounds, there is going to be a bit of an adjustment period. It's not like we are all instantly intensely liberated, selling our homes and traveling the globe without having to worry about money or other people. That's not real life. We don't just immediately step into a new found confidence, acceptance or peace overnight. Besides, what about the logistics?

Don't worry about the logistics yet. The logistics will come to you during Virgo Season, when that supportive earth energy is abundant, and when Mercury is direct.

Resist the urge to "charge ahead" right now.

How this cycle of Mercury Retrograde affects us

Mercury is the planet of communication... when it retrogrades, it has the notorious reputation of making our lives a little more difficult. Technology craps out; people misunderstand one another. Things just seem to go wrong. Many communities and circles completely freak out when Mercury retrogrades, but here's why you don't have to for this cycle:

The lunar eclipse exhausted us. We're a little spiritually zonked. For some of us, that will affect our physical bodies, too. And Leo Season is a passionate season; it governs pride, leadership, insecurities and our passions. We're coming out of a big period of growth, and we're in a season that makes us feel even more passionate about the things we're each concerned with. We are each feeling a lot of crazy shit inside right now. 

But Mercury encourages us to sloooooow down.
To double check things. 
To rethink things.
To hold off on making decisions.
To hit the pause button!

OK so, hold on: We're feeling tired. We're feeling raw. We're feeling - weirdly - optimistic though, and the universe just wants us to take a big long nap? Doesn't a cosmic nap sound like the perfect thing right now?

Yes! Like, let me recover!

If you try to force things right now, you're only going to be met with heated aggression or arguments; the most fiery potentials of communication going awry. If you want to know how to navigate Mercury Retrograde in a fire sign (now) check out this post. It'll pop up in a new window, so you don't lose your spot here.

How to put the lunar eclipse, Mercury Retrograde and Leo Season together

Right now, Leo Season with a retrograding Mercury, is the time to let your feelings be the compass. You don't have to plan yet - you just have to feel. Feel your way through this next patch. Take time away from social media if you have to. Sleep 13 hours if you have to. Let yourself recalibrate. If you try to plan now, it won't be the right fit and could even mislead your true direction. Right now, it's important to let all your emotions and feelings rise to the surface so you can - finally - truly understand them. Only once you understand how you feel, who you are, and what you need, can you make a plan and handle the logistics.

But don't worry - the logistics are coming! And they're coming during this Red Moon cycle!

In the first few weeks of August - while Mercury is still retrograde, just know there may be confusing passion kicking around. If you find yourself quick to temper, do your best to go ooooout of your way to communicate (eloquently) how you're feeling. You're still adjusting and recalibrating from the lunar eclipse, but with Mercury retrograding in a fire sign, our communication and messages may get misinterpreted, and tempers may rise. It's OK. Keep your cool, and lean into the energy you felt with the lunar eclipse; focus on growth.

The Partial Solar Eclipse's significance

And OK, so, if that eclipse wasn't enough, there's going to be ANOTHER ONE. A partial solar eclipse will greet us on August 11, on the New Red Moon. New beginnings. A new cycle. That's exciting! If there happens to be any lingering stuff that didn't make its way out of your system with the lunar eclipse and the weeks to follow, it's going to be draaaaaained from you now.

Or burned out of you; this is Leo Season after all.

Either way, the universal cycle is in motion, and you are moving into the next energetic phase whether you resist or give in. We are all, collectively, evolving together. For some of us, it will be more painful or graceful than others.

The lunar eclipse on July 27 will have had more of an internal affect on you. You may have come to a realization about something about yourself, or your habits, or lifestyle. A sense of shifting within would have started, and you would have developed an inner knowingness of what you needed to do to go forward. But you may not have necessarily taken action. You could have, but each sign will be different. More importantly, you decided for yourself.

Think of the lunar eclipse as the internal shift or the internal change. The partial solar eclipse will be the external change. For example, lets say you decided to leave your partner or quit your job, you may have made the decision just to yourself. Inside. In your heart. This energy would have initiated around the lunar eclipse; anytime from a week before the eclipse to a week after. Then, as the partial solar eclipse comes closer, your external world will also reflect that change. Maybe you decide to pack your bags; maybe you tell your partner; maybe you formally quit your job, or get offered a new job or opportunity. Or maybe these things happen without you initiating; maybe the universe does the work for you. But your outside world will change to reflect the inner world.

Mercury will then go direct on the First Quarter Red Moon on August 18/19. Mercury can be a little groggy when it gets moving forward, but with the energy of the Red Moon you can expect things to iron out more quickly than usual. The full moon will only be one week later, influencing that growing momentum. Full moons bring powerful energy with them!

Patiently waiting for Virgo Season

Shortly after Mercury goes direct and our internal reflection and recovery is complete, our communication abilities will be restored. We will shift from Leo to Virgo Season. We will also shift from letting our feelings be the compass to planning methodical and smart modes of action.

THIS is the time for plans. THIS is the time to strategize. While Leo Season had you on pause (Mercury Retrograde) and feeling feelings, Virgo Season will let you know you're done processing, because you'll have felt everything you needed to in order to understand which direction is the best for you. Once you know that, you can design the details and logistics. You can make it all "very real".

Virgo is an earth sign. It carries a very practical, calculated energy with it. It's the researcher. The planner. The perfectionist. It's understanding. Nurturing. Grounded. It won't feel as emotional as Leo Season. It won't feel as sleepy as the lunar eclipse. The partial solar eclipse has a more masculine, "awake" energy. And Mercury, of course will be direct. There will be two very different energies in this Red Moon cycle and September's Harvest Moon cycle is when we will reap the benefits and make things happen.

For the first half of the month, you don't need to take action. You need to stay on pause, rest and feel. Once Mercury goes direct, once we finish those eclipses, and once we shift into Virgo Season, THEN you can begin to put your plans in place. But they'll only really "unroll" in upcoming Moon Cycles like the Harvest Moon and Hunter's Moon. You'll have to be a little bit patient, but the process has already begun.

Red Moon Cycle Reminders

• for the first half of August, let your feelings be the compass

• resist the urge to charge ahead until the full moon

• hit the pause button, and refrain from making any major decisions

• there will be two very different energies this month

• don't try to rush the process; you'll be met with pushback

• your "planning phase" will start in the second half of August

• eclipses can "eclipse" something from your life

• the lunar eclipse affected your inner world

• the partial solar eclipse will affect your outer world

• we are all in this together, feeling the same thing in a different way

• try to focus on growth this month, and not resistance

• try to remind yourself that your sensitivity right now is just an indication of how connected you are to something bigger

If you want to know what's coming up all year, you might like the 2018 Moon Calendar for year-long cosmic insight!

See that red dot? That's the Red Moon cycle. That's where we are at right now. That's what you just read. There are some cool moons coming up, but a loooot has happened in the first half of the year. This has definitely been one for the books.

I release a new moon calendar each year!