A basic guide to gridding your home with crystals

Creating crystal grids for the home is a really great way to live with intention, keep your space tidy and sacred, and to invite some cosmic protection and wellness into your life. Gridwork is my favourite way to use my crystals, other than keeping them on me. I love the impact and transformation crystals can have on a space!

I often talk about creating crystal grids using sacred geometry principals, and building these grids, say, on your personal altar. But since our homes are the space that holds the most of our energy (our physical selves, our things/belongings) it's important to keep it in tip top shape as a form of respect and appreciation.


Building your home grid can either be really complex, or really simple. Below, I outline my favourite tips that each build on one another. You can decide what works for your space based on what your home's layout is, and what crystals you have in your arsenal.

Always build your grids on your main level. You can expand on your other levels if you wish, once the main level grid has been constructed, though it is not absolutely necessary. Your grid will radiate through your entire home, regardless of size.

*It's important to remember to always work with cleansed crystals.


This is the most basic grid you can make, and is a great starting point for any grid pattern you decide to build. It is super powerful and protective, making it a good anchor for expanding your gridwork.

In the four corners of your home, place a shard of black tourmaline. Most home's aren't perfect squares, so do your best to determine what the four outermost corners are of your home. And yes! One back corner might be in a bathroom! One might be in your bedroom, or kitchen, or sunroom/screened in porch. Each space is different so do your best to determine which four corners need the black tourmaline. Your garage does not "count" as part of the living area of the home, so please don't place any stones there.

Black Tourmaline absorbs negativity and creates a safe space. It traps bad or negative vibes within its core and is a very protective stone. It creates an invisible barrier around your home when placed in the four corners.

Next, place a piece of pointed clear quartz (laser quartz) in front of the black tourmaline, with the point facing the black tourmaline. When the point is directed into the black tourmaline, the energy is directed out of the home and into the black stone. This helps to pull out any negativity manifesting within the home, also trapping it within the black tourmaline.

Learn more about this easy-peasy grid in this popular post.

NOTE: Black tourmaline is the anchor that holds the grid in place. Placing it in the four corners keeps is locked and secure.


A therapeutic way to expand on your basic home grid (above) is to visit your windows. Make sure your windowsills are clean and tidy, and undamaged. Check for water leaks or any other potential ailments.

Expanding your home grid by incorporating protection through your windows is a way to further enhance the power of your grid. Grids aren't necessarily more powerful if more stones are used, but the energy of the grid changes and enhances when other stones are introduced.

Since windows are found on the exterior of the home, they pass through the invisible line that connects the four shards of black tourmaline in your four corners.

Place amethyst and/or selenite on your windowsills. You can do this on every window, or specifically, your largest window, or a window where you feel you need more protection, like the bedroom (amethyst is paired well in the bedroom), or the back porch. 

Amethyst is extremely protective, but also soothing and calming. It is rebalancing and restorative, helping to keep your personal space feeling sacred.

Selenite is another wonderful protection stone, and since it often grows in long wand-like shapes, it tucks neatly on a windowsill. Selenite enhances the other stones it is with, while keeping them energetically charged and cleansed.

NOTE: Even though Selenite keeps the stones in your grid energetically clear, you still want to keep your stones physically clean, and free of dust, etc.


Finding the centre of your home can be tricky (especially if you have more than one level), and I've heard all kinds of people declare that the "centre of their home" was inside a "wall" or hallway. And while that may be true on your home's blueprint (if you're lucky enough to have a blueprint), finding the centre quadrant may be easier.

In this post, I explain how to grid your home following some traditional feng shui principals. What I like about this approach is that the home is divided into nine quadrants. The centre quadrant is typically auspicious, and I would call this entire space your home's centre. Working anywhere within this centre quadrant is the "centre" of the home.

Place a piece of Tiger's Eye in the centre of your home (centre quadrant). Tiger's Eye is another protective stone, and great for unblocking any energy (especially healthy creative energy), and enhancing your personal power. Its "watchful" eye peers across your entire home and property, and connects to the anchors of your grid.

Depending on what room your centre quadrant falls in, you can place Tiger's Eye on top of your fridge, in a cute cluster on your dining table, as a paperweight on your favourite magazines on your coffee table, or on top of a medicine cabinet. You can get creative. As long as you're placing your stone within the centre quadrant of your home, you're set.

NOTE: In this case, if your home as multiple levels, if placing your Tiger's Eye in a centre quadrant in the upper level makes more sense, that is acceptable. For example, if the centre quadrant on your main level is say, the heart of the kitchen and holds the stove and a sink and an island - with no good place to put a stone - but the upper level has a nice open space with a living room, it may make more sense to place the Tiger's Eye in your living room upstairs.

Do you have a question about gridding your home?

Every home is different, and I can appreciate that you may be uncertain on where to place your stones. Don't worry - it's easier than you think! Ask me about your space in the comments below, and I'll let you know what I think the best option for your home is.