8 (MORE!) Crystal shapes and how you can use them

I talk a lot about all the different properties that crystals have, but the shape of a stone is equally important. This popular post is where I first shared 10 common crystal formations, what they mean and how you can use them. But crystal shapes don't stop there! I wanted to expand on my original post and share even more amazing formations with you - some super powerful! Here are eight more formations to keep an eye out for:


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Akashic lines run horizontally along the crystal's formation (they look vertical in the above photo because the crystal is laying on its side). You can think of them like little ladders along the sides of a crystal. Essentially, they're stripes etched into the stone.

Akasha is a realm of information or library that houses all possible dimensions, and realities. It is too large to explain in one paragraph, and could easily have its own post all to itself. But! It is said that these stones hold many secrets of the world, and by working with them we can learn deeply hidden facets about the world, but also ourselves. This is a great stone to use in meditation.


An Isis formation is a crystal that has five main facets, but with one much larger "face" that takes centre stage. Like the fertility goddess herself, Isis formations are believed to dramatically amplify your feminine energy. This is a very powerful formation that can be extremely encouraging, empowering and uplifting, regardless of the properties the crystal type houses.

I recommend putting Isis formations in places that remind you you are powerful, such as in the bedroom on your night table, or on your desk where you come up with your kick ass, hardworking idea. And since Isis formations can help you to feel empowered particularly regarding the ways society has bludgeoned women, it's doubly effective at work.


These flat stones fit nicely in the palm of your hand, but come with a really cool feature: they have a worn down mark perfect for rubbing with your thumb. These guys are dubbed worry stones because they help quell anxiety, stress and worry when you rub them.

Keep worry stones in your pocket, so every time you're feeling anxious, you can reach in, palm the stone, and begin rubbing it for relaxing effects. I personally think these are nice stones to keep in the car, too. Traffic can reeeeally be irritating.


These formations have a point on either end. These stones grow a bit different than their counterparts, often being born in clay rather than off a hard surface. Its energy moves in two directions at once, making them great choices for gridwork or if you ever want to exchange energy with a person or thing. It can absorb and push out energy at the same time.

These stones can also act as a bridge, connecting two points, areas or even ideas. It acts as a tool to unblock energy, reactivating free-flowing movement.


Laser wands are naturally formed long crystals with small facets on one end, the tip usually smaller than the base. You can purchase stones that have been formed into a traditional wand, but laser wands are typically created in nature. Their bases can be smooth or rough.

These formations can be used much like a traditional magic wand, helping you cast, say affirmations, or do work on your personal altar. They help direct your energy and intentions to a specific area or place. They, too, are exceptional partners for gridwork thanks to their ability to direct energy.


This shape is manmade, and does not grow naturally (obvi), but don't let that dampen its significance. It's often used as a powerful healing tool, particularly in reflexology and acupressure, thanks to its smooth edges that are perfect for applying pressure in a rolling motion. This shape also has significance with fertility (historically), and can be a good choice for those looking for assistance in this area. Much like sitting on an egg and waiting for it to hatch, eggs are great to sit over in yoga (perhaps with a block beneath you so you don't actually sit on the stone - uncomfortable...) or between your legs with meditation. It's also rumoured that they're power is heightened in spring. Because these guys don't have a specific point or tip, they emit a balanced energy that radiates the same from all angles.

But there's another thing: Yoni eggs are gaining ground. These are crystals in egg formations that are inserted into the vagina. They have profound healing effects. Working with yoni eggs can improve sensuality, produce larger orgasms, feminine empowerment, increased libido, improve natural lubrication and vaginal health, strengthen the pelvic floor and so much more. And while it may sound a little intimidating at first, it's a pretty cool way to have an internal massage while promoting self-care, sexual health and the connectedness to the womb. Here's a really great website with more information.


These stones are tumbled into a semi-roundish shape, and then sliced and polished flat on one side, revealing some of the complex inner workings of the crystal in question. Their exteriors often look dusty or frosted. It's pretty cool. 

Picture Windows are sometimes called "Seer Stones" and are traditionally used for scrying, a divination technique used for inquiring about the future. It's typically a great formation to use in shamanic practices or with meditation. Hold the frosty part of the crystal in your hands, and gaze into the sliced, clear side to scry or divine.


Clusters are crystals that have multiple points jutting out from a common base (called a matrix). While there may be multiple points shooting in varying directions, there also may be very few with a larger base.

These stones often work well to charge other stones by laying a smaller stone across the cluster. Clusters are also good choices to use to transform a large or busy space. The higher number of points included in the cluster equates to the crystals amplifying powers.

You can check out some other more common formations here.