8 Housewarming gifts with magical influences

Moving is a pretty big life change and it can be rather stressful even if it is exciting. A new home means a new adventure and somewhere down the line of well-mannered, thoughtful peepaleeps, this really nice tradition of gifting a housewarming present was born. I'd like the shake that person's hand and place a bottle of wine in their other hand... and then force them to drink it with me. And while I'm currently living in boxes, preparing to move my little family to the country, my mom is also mid-move and my sister just moved back into the province. So much movement! So many gifts to give! Everything is shaking into place, so keep this post in your back pocket for when your bestie gets her first mortgage. The list below is targeted to that person in your life who deserves a little magic and deserves feeling good. Check out these traditional housewarming gifts that have magical backgrounds:


Gifting a bundle of sage is a very traditional housewarming gift and extra pertinent to the wizard in your life. Burning sage is a great welcome home ritual that cleanses the old energy from your home's previous owner, making room for your new energy. This tradition originates in Aboriginal cultures.


A broom was traditionally gifted to help sweep away any evil or bad luck and it suggests that your home will always stay clean and healthy. And there's just something about brooms that ooze magic... This tradition comes from Italy - I love those witchy Italians!

3. WINE!

This is the gift I would perrrrrsonally want, ahem, but wine was traditionally gifted to help keep the home full of cheer. For some inexplicable reason (sarcasm), this has seemed to be the gift that has withstood the hands of time and most people continue to gift.


Aside from the fact that fresh baked bread is so thoughtful - you took the time to make bread? SO sweet - it was gifted so the home would always have cupboards full of food. I think this is one of the most heartwarming gifts because there is something so sweet about taking the time to make something yourself. Unless you whittle a broom... that's super badass. This tradition comes from Europe.


A beautiful plant is a great gift. Paired with a cute little pot and you're set! Gifting a plant is meant to remind the couple of the home to care for each other just as they do the plant. So if sista is single, opt out of this gift. Whoops! You can't go wrong with a snake plant or succulent, a beautiful bouquet, or herbs. Here is a list of 12 magical plants.


Little secret: I have a wood burning stove and a lumber shed at my new place, so gifting wood would be extra helpful! But I think the tradition can stay alive through a beautiful wooden cutting board or dish, wooden spoons or measuring cups... not an actual log. Wood acts as a blessing to the home and family's stability.


Duh. I always have a candle going! Candles help make new homes feel like home, sending your cozy vibes through your new space. They were meant to be gifted as a symbol to help the owner see light even through the darkest of times... like when you forget to pay your electricity bill.


When did the pineapple get so popular? OH. LIKE, FOREVER AGO WHEN THE EUROPEANS STARTED GIFTING IT AS A HOUSEWARMING PRESENT. I feel like my friends would laugh if they opened their door and there I was with a baby pineapple under my arm. But when I think about it, I'd be pumped if I got that, because pineapples say "Look at me!" wearing their little pineapple crown in the fruit bowl. The pineapple is a traditional gift meaning welcome and friendship. A modern spin on this gift is gifting a cute pineapple door knocker!


Bonus! Crystals are the best housewarming gift! Since so many different crystals have varying properties, you can really personalize the crystal you want to gift your friend, like rose quartz to send love throughout the home, or amethyst as that "good for everything" crystal to protect your pal. Or check out the Cocoon Bouquet at Little Box Of Rocks.

What are some of your favourite housewarming gifts? Let me know about something you gifted that was a huge success or a great gift that someone gave to you.