6 ways to bliss out your bedroom's vibe

The bedroom is a place for rest and restoration, but it's also the domain for romance, sex and intimacy. Sometimes, without realizing, we may be creating a bedroom environment that does not invite new romance, or could potentially fizzle an existing one. Whether you're looking to attract someone new, or rekindle an existing flame, reevaluating your bedroom space can help improve your romantic life.



Whether you're trying to attract a new love or spark an existing one, setting up your room fit for a pair is integral to blissing out the romantic vibes in your bedroom. When it comes to the bedroom, think in twos.

There should be two nightstands, and if you have lamps instead of overhead lighting, there should be two lamps. Two sets of pillows. Two, two, two.

If you are single, you still want to create a space that says, "You are welcome here," and creating an environment meant for two is putting the signal out that you are open to the attraction of a mate. By having your room set up just for you, you are actually sending the opposite vibe out to the Universe. And you maybe don't even realize it!

If you already are a double, then it's important to keep the partnership energy balanced in the room, giving each person their own space, that match and fit each other.


When we're young, we want to express ourselves through our rooms because as a child and teenager, our bedrooms are our most personal sacred space in our homes. They are distinctly our own in a time where we are exploring and discovering ourselves. We want lime green walls, or bold red walls. But these vibrant colours are not conducive to relaxation, the main purpose of the bedroom.

The "bed" room is meant to be a place where we can rest our head and recharge. It's where we unplug. It's our sanctuary. It's the place where we make love. Choosing a colour palette that enhances this idea is the best way to get the most out of your bedroom - your sacred space.

Good bedroom colours are:
1. Soft blues
2. Muted greys and whites
3. Light purple
4. Faint pink

A good rule to follow for bedroom colours is picking a wall colour that seems to fall away; one you hardly notice. Sticking to flesh tones (whites, beiges, salmon, browns) is also a good idea, because those are natural colours and our bodies have a good response to things that we may find in nature. If lavender makes you feel relaxed, pick it. If white is the only colour you can imagine, check out different shades of white. Check out this post on colour therapy for a better understanding how colour affects us.

It is also a good idea to choose fabrics and textures that are soft, luxurious and close to natural fibres and elements you might find in nature. Bringing in these elements helps to make your body feel at ease - much like the flesh tone suggestion for paint. Pull in materials like wood, jute, wool, etc.


By bringing romance and love stones like rose quartz and pink aventurine into your bedroom you help to activate your romance sector. The romance sector is the far back right corner of any room, but it is especially potent in the bedroom. To locate your back right corner, stand in your bedroom's doorway and determine. 

By adding some enhancements you can seriously explode your love life into heart confetti. Place your love stones in this location of your room to activate this sector and increase your romantic luck. You can also hang romantic art or photography (or something that reminds you of love) or use other little trinkets symbolic of romance. I have a little statuette of inuit art, a pair of carved owls that my dad gave to my mom as one of his first gifts to her, and it always reminds me of their love; a relationship I admire. I often use this piece to activate my love sector along with my romance crystals.


The bed is the focal point of the bedroom. It's importance is huge. It may be the most important aspect of your sacred sleep time space. The room was even named after the bed! We already know you want your room to be welcome for two by setting up your room in pairs - even if you're a single - and that means you should be able to walk around both sides of your bed. It needs to be easy for each person to get into the bed. No one should ever have to crawl over the other. Don't tuck one side of the bed against the wall.

Secondly, don't place your bed directly in front of the door. This is known as the mortuary position in traditional feng shui, as coffins were placed this way when they awaited collection. You don't want your feet pointing "out the door" during dreamtime. It's important to be able to see your door while you're in bed and when you wake up. This symbolizes that you feel in control of your life and your relationship. If someone can sneak up on you when you're in your bed because you can't see the door, this can subconsciously give you anxiety and make you feel out of control of your life and relationships.

You also want to have a strong head board. While bringing natural elements like wood is good for your wellbeing, as long as the headboard is strong (those fluffy embroidered ones are also good) it will help you to feel stable and protected while you sleep. Just how you need a good chair to sit in at your desk, your headboard and mattress quality should be equally good. You spend a lot of your life recharging in this thing. Make it your dream bed!

Lastly, you need to be able to see under your bed. Many styles of bed now are stuck and flat to the floor. Many mate-style beds are like this (the ones with the drawers underneath). But you want the energy in your home and bedroom to flow freely and as much as possible. Flowing under the bed is much better than being stopped at the bed and forced to go around it. And NEVER pile things under your bed under any circumstance. This is clutter - even if its organized in boxes - and it's a no-no. You don't want to sleep over all your "stuff" as this will effect how you sleep and how fulfilling your intimate life is.


Don't leave bedroom doors or closet doors (or ensuite doors) open during sleep time. When these doors are closed, they keep the restorative energy flowing through your bedroom, helping your relationship to achieve its best potential health. And for you to achieve your best potential health for that matter. Be sure to close the doors to your kiddies bedrooms, too.


Everyone hates these next three: There shouldn't be any book-filled book shelves (a book or two in your night table is fine) in your bedroom. Books do collect a lot of energy, making it circulate around them for a long time, thus slowly the movement of energy around and making it grow stagnant. I personally lavish over my books, so they aren't something I would abandon entirely, but they always seem to pile up in my room. It's important to keep the bulk of them tucked away. 

There should absolutely be no television in your bedroom. So many couples fall asleep in their room with the TV on but this is a huge romance killer and does the exact opposite of bliss out your bedroom. You're going to have to suck it up and watch your late night shows in the living room. Trust me - your heart and libido will thank you. This is not an item that belongs in the bedroom. Why do we put TVs everywhere now? They're even in showers! No TV.

There should also be no computer (or desk/working space for that matter). These items are very stimulating. They belong in an office or a space dedicated to a working mindset. That mindset does not belong in the bedroom. A vanity is good to have, but it shouldn't double as a working space.