6 crystals for home protection

Your home is one of the strongest and biggest holders of your energy. Typically, you spend most of your time there, and you definitely spend the most of your vulnerable recharging time there when you're asleep in your room. That makes it a big target for an enemy, psychic vampire - or jealous pal - to send bad vibes your way.

Whether a person is intentionally sending ill wishes your way or not, negative thoughts about you are sent energetically and directly to your home (the place where you reside the most) and can have a negative impact on your daily life.


Aside from bad energy being sent your way (above), you can also drop off negativity in your home after you've been carrying it with you all day, stockpiling stagnant, unhappy chi/energy in your sacred space. Your boss's incessant poking, a dispute with your mother, or bickering with your partner may stay in your energy field all day, but once you're home, imagine it peeling off you and hanging out for a drink in the kitchen. But like, never leaving; like a house guest who doesn't have any manners.

While regular saging and cleansing can help protect your space, setting up proper protection amulets is a great way to keep your home feeling cozy and safe for those times you can't energetically cleanse it with herbs. And in case you run out of sage and notice something just doesn't feel right, this little protection kit will keep you safe. 


I think the logical side of our brain tends to kick in sometimes, asking us, "Well how to crystals really work? How do they protect me?" Here's a very simple break down:

Our energy fields are messy. We can "pick up" energy from other people or places that we interact with - like that grumpy boss - and we can hang onto it. This makes our personal energy messy (for a lack of a better word), and maybe a little unstable at times because there are so many competing feelings/energies inside us. But this is also one of the best things about being human!

A crystal's energetic makeup doesn't get messy the way ours can, even though there are some crystals out there that do absorb energy. A crystal's structure is very orderly. Imagine a bunch of intersecting parallel lines that are perfectly perpendicular: imagine that within a crystal. Now imagine a bunch of curving, twisting lines that intersect and run into one another, sometimes blocking other lines entirely: imagine that within us.

Since humans pick up varying energy, when we spend enough time with a crystal, we begin to adopt its energy field, helping to smooth out ours the way the vibrato smooths out in a guitar when you tune it.

Our personal space or dwelling can also pick up energy the way we do, but it is more so dumped there to hang out and float around aimlessly. Sometimes we can really feel the energy within a space when we walk into it. Maybe you've felt this sort of energy when you've walked into a creepy place and just felt like you had to leave. Crystals can help absorb negative and unhealthy energy, and by setting up protective barriers and amulets you can keep your space's energy crisp and clean - and safe.


When setting up your protection crystals as amulets, be sure to assign each crystal a role so it can properly direct its energy. If your crystal is sitting in a bowl with all your other crystals, is should be protecting the home right? Not quite. Be sure to give the crystal a job - also called charging the crystal for a purpose - so it can effectively work its magic.

Black Tourmaline is the king of home protection. Place him just outside your front door to safeguard the house's entrance. If you're leery about placing a crystal outside, tuck it just inside your door, placed neatly in your entryway in a clever vignette. (this guy's actually a blend with onyx)

Smoky Quartz envelops your home in a smoky cloak of protection. It directs negativity and psychic vampires away, often confusing them about where your energy lies. Those ill wishes will breeze right passed you. Place the Smoky Quartz on your top floor (attic or upper level) so it's cloak-like energy can wrap around your home.

Selenite pulls in positivity and circulates it through the healthy chi in the home. To keep your home from feeling heavy, Selenite keeps the inner energy bright and bouncing along the waves of chi. If your home has stagnant chi (is messy or poorly placed) your Selenite may trip up. Read this post on healthy feng shui. Place your Selenite along the windowsills of your main floor. It helps to have multiple tiny pieces of Selenite. If you only have one piece, move it from window to window once per week.

Amethyst shoots strength and control through your home's walls. Place it near your back door or back window, to safe guard against break-ins and bad energy. Envision an army locking arms all around your home.

Rose Quartz might be a surprising selection, but there is nothing more impenetrable than sound loving energy. Rose Quartz keeps love circulating throughout the home, building unbreakable strength. Place this crystal in the centre of your home so it's energy can radiate outward, the strength coming from the very core.

Angelite invites angelic protection to dome over your roof and protect inhabitants. It activates a wing-like energy around the home that follows the home's inhabitants when they leave the safety of the home. Similar to the energy of Smoky Quartz, but where Smoky Quartz may be elusive and mysterious, Angelite is strong and direct. Angelic protection is incredibly strong. It attaches to each dweller. Place Angelite on your upper level but on the opposite side of your Smoky Quartz. Can't get to your attic? Placing Angelite and Smoky Quartz on top of door frames works just as well.