5 Ways to Supercharge your Home's Vibe using Crystals

In case your pad is feeling a little less than fabulous, I wanted to share five super easy ways that you can use crystals to supercharge your home's vibe. I'm talking, pumping up the romance in your bedroom, attracting wealth and abundance in your home office and even protecting your space from negativity. And it's as simple as placing a pretty stone down in specific areas to draw these amazing things to you.

Crystals can activate lucky sectors in feng shui, so if you're curious about improving your home's health so you can feel your best in your sacred space, this one's for you. Check out works by Lillian Too for an in depth look at feng shui, too!

I wrote this post for the Wonder Forest, a collection of inspiring and helpful posts by a big mix of bloggers. There are so many fun posts in this space that I know you're just going to fall down the well.

 To check out my five tips using crystals in the home, read my post on the Wonder Forest.