4 innovative spiritual teachers worth following

When delving into the big world of spirituality, it helps to find resources that we not only admire and trust, but ones that are thought provoking to us as well. Modern spirituality is all about making us think and question the things we're told. It is about thinking for ourselves and coming up with a set of beliefs, values and morals that resonate with us. And that can often be different from what feels right to the people around us. And that's not only OK - it's an indicator that you're on the right path. When it comes to finding reliable resources, it can be tricky to know where to start. I was personally turned away from many in the beginning of my spiritual hunt because the ideas seemed "too out there" and I wasn't ready to receive them, which is primarily why I began Rogue Wood - because marching down the path of spirituality doesn't need to feel hokey or hippie dippie. Below are four spiritual teachers worth following to assist you on your spiritual quest:

TEAL SWAN, the spiritual catalyst

Teal is an incredibly intelligent and eloquent speaker and presents information that I haven't come across anywhere else. She features really great videos on youtube that dissect often alarming, confusing or embarrassing concepts - and she does it in a way that makes your mind explode. I'm serious. Her video on the Akashic records will make your logical brain hurt. It's an oldie but a goodie. Based in scientific prose, she presents many step-by-step guides on how to shift your way of thinking. Her personal journey is one of inspiration, overcoming terrible, horrific tragedies at a young age - a common thread among many spiritual gurus, as you will discover. Teal's teachings can at first be overwhelming because they are so knowledgable and ripe with information. But I encourage you to search through the topics of her videos; many will jump out at you. Pick one that resonates and watch yourself fall down the rabbit hole.

If you're looking for a mind-blowing scientific approach to spirituality, check out Teal's youtube channel here.

ASHLEY NEESE, holistic wellness practitioner

Everything Ashley conjures up on her site is practical, beautiful and easy to resonate with. Her gentle and wholesome approach to modernized spirituality is a great place to start for someone who is looking to expand her personal awareness, health and work/life balance. Ashley shares healthy recipes, mindful tips for self-healing, natural medicine how-tos and so much more. She uses her personal hardships and experiences as a guide and even offers crystals, sage and more to purchase through her website. Specializing in nutrition and healing, she offers workshops and an abundance of online tools all targeted at helping her readers become the best versions of themselves. Her recipes are out of the box, delicious and hugely beneficial to our bodies. She gives great explanations as to why one of her recipes is good for you and how it benefits the body. But she also shares tips on holistic beauty, how to do a proper cleanse, and how to overall worship the body you were given to experience this life with. Wow.

If you're looking for a modern, well-rounded, easy-to-adjust-to online reference guide to spirituality, check out Ashley's website here.

TOM LESCHER, KAY PACHA, the pele report

Tom Lescher could seriously have starred alongside Jeff Bridges in the Big Lebowski - he's so funny with his whimsical "yeah man's" set in between dissecting complex astrological concepts. It's hard for me not to get caught up in his funky jewellery, flowing grey hair or the many exotic locations his videos are set in. It seems he's always somewhere different! Also via youtube videos, Tom features a weekly pele report that explains in depth what is happening in our solar system for the week and how it affects us. He tackles big concepts in a light way that doesn't make them feel super heavy. At the end of each report, based on what's happening in the universe and affecting us as individuals and a society, Tom provides a mantra to help us get through the sometimes volatile energies of the week. The way our planet moves through space without being shredded into a oblivion or falling off course is seriously wondrous, and we often don't even realize how supreme this is. Tom's understanding of the planets, stars, their alignments and transits is seriously impressive and always super enlightening. And he doesn't make anything feel heavy. It's light, informative and a great tool for increased awareness as to why we feel the way we feel at certain times.

If you're looking for quick, insightful information about what to expect in your upcoming week, check out Tom's youtube channel here.

SUSAN MILLER, astrology zone

Susan Miller has one of the most interesting followings. She has a devout group of people who have downloaded her astrology app on their phone - and they're completely obsessed with it. Susan fell ill over the past year, and was sometimes posting her monthly horoscopes a couple days late. People lost it. Her following literally waits for the first of each month to receive their new - very in depth - monthly horoscope. And that's because Susan is the best. She is precise, accurate and super informative. During my investing days, I used to map out my entire month based on her projections and what would be happening for me energetically that month. She features lucky days, tricky days, things to avoid and things to look forward to. She provides SO much FREE content. You know when you read something and wish there was more information; that it didn't end so soon? Susan's posts for each zodiac sign are never like that. I even read my spouse's monthly horoscope each month to know what to expect for him, as well. She has totally dominated online astrology - and her massive reports are free. I don't know how. But jump on board while you can. To learn an aspect of your chart, check out this post.

If you're looking for a really thorough month-to-month guide to the stars, solar system and your personal life, check out Susan's app here.

There are many really great spiritual teachers out there, each imparting some hearty wisdom that might be right for you. These are four of my favourites that have helped me on my journey, and are doing really great things for the spiritual community. I encourage you to explore the content they provide to see if it resonates with you. What spiritual teachers are your favourites?