3 most important lines in palmistry

I have a dirty little secret. For years, hands totally freaked me out. The thought of holding someone's hand completely repulsed me and literally gave me anxiety. When I was younger, it was a point of contention with my boyfriends. Holding hands made me feel trapped and claustrophobic. Not to mention I had gnarly little chewed nails, fuzzy knuckles and a weirdly short life line. Somewhere in my 20s, I got over it and started to really care for my hands. I'm talking manicures, lotions, jewellery... da works. It also led me to explore palmistry, and to find out just what was up with that sneaky little life line of mine. Check out the three most important lines in palmistry:

First things first: which hand do you read? I have a general rule of thumb (see what I did there?) about palmistry when choosing which hand to read: I read both! Whatever your dominant hand is, read this hand as the life you created for yourself. We always have the power of choice in our lives, and with so many choices we can wander down many different paths. Your dominant hand reads the life you created for yourself. But your non-dominant hand holds the traits, path, skills, etc, that you were born with. If you had no choices in your life whatsoever and everything was just laid out for you - your non-dominant hand tells you how it would go. Neat hey? You'll want to read hands as a whole, taking in all the lines you see and reading how they interact together. There are no set rules for specific lines, what's more important is looking at the whole picture of the hand. The relationship between the lines in relation to the hand they are on is what matters. After all, not every hand will have EVERY line. To get started, let's look at the three most important lines in palmistry.


The Life Line! THEE line! The line everyone gets freaked out about. This is the line closest to your thumb. It arcs down to almost hug the shape of your thumb. You're looking for any cracks, chains, splits, and faint or deep lines in this line to gather more information. I'm going to use my palm as an example:

My right hand is my dominant hand so I'll read this hand as the life I created for myself. My life line is rather short. There is a second line that starts beside it and then arcs much past the initial line. This is read as a dramatic life change, where my former self abruptly ends and a new me emerges. Short life lines don't actually mean that you will kick the bucket at a young age. They represent the life force you exude. A short life line might indicate that you are lacking vitality, where a long deeply trenched lifeline indicates exuberance. When your life line appears to be "broken" like mine, it points toward a dramatic change and perhaps renewed vitality depending on the length of the second line.

Near the bottom of my life line, the line thins and then starts up again repeatedly, indicating extra vitality near the end of my life. What a nice thought! Any doubled lines indicate double or even triple the life force. Look for these lines in your own palm.

My left hand is my non-dominant hand, so I will read this hand as the journey I was born with. The life line is still short but there is no parallel line like on my dominant hand - there is a significant break and then the line continues. To me this indicates what my life would be like without the epiphany I choose to go through that my right hand shows and that at some point in my life (the break) there may be a very shallow life force, meaning feelings of helplessness, worthlessness, powerlessness or loss of control. Boo. 

Deep lines indicate strong health. Weak lines = weak health or bouts of illness. For example, my lines are all delicate and feathery, and I had cancer at sixteen and have been in "delicate" health ever since. A shorter life line might indicate feelings of powerlessness or changing directions in life, while a strong line indicates vitality.


The Heart Line hugs the top of your palm and usually runs just beneath your fingers. It often arcs up toward a finger. This line is called the Heart Line because it measures or indicates your emotional life. It is often read in conjunction with your head line (below) since that line measures the intellect. Oddly, the heart line is often similar on both hands but the lengths may vary. You're looking for the curviness of this line - a straighter line leans more toward a person who is more of a thinker than a feeler, or who may hold their cards closer to their heart. The curvier the line, the most sensitive the person, be that sensitive to the emotions of others, or sensitive to insults, etc. The length of the line also matters. Is it long? Does it stop short? A long line indicates that you are very giving with your love, often loving many people and feeling loved by many others, be that romantic or platonic. A short line reveals perhaps a more selfish approach to love, or being choosy with who you give your love to. If this line waves, has chains or breaks, it can indicate an unpredictable nature when it comes to love and your emotions. A full break in the line indicates emotional trauma, and blips or circles in the line can be an indicator of depression.


The Head Line reveals how you think, learn and communicate. It is the biggest indicator of your personality. Cool! A curvier line indicates someone who is more prone to creativity, or finding skill in the arts, while a straighter line shows a more analytical nature or left-brained approach. Practical. Stream-lined. Varying lines on your two hands would be SO INTERESTING. If you have that kind of hand - show me. Seriously. I want to read it. The length of the line indicates the strength of your creativity or practicality. Breaks in this line can indicate changing ideas or thought processes. This line often merges with your life line near your thumb, but if the lines are separate, it points to a strong adventurous nature, perhaps a love for travel, excitement or a lure to the unpredictable.


I've only seen one of these in my life... and I was so friggin' pumped 'cause I had only read about it. The Simian line is when your Head Line and Heart Line MERGE INTO ONE LINE. This points to a person's logical and emotional sides being very closely linked to one another. It may be hard to tell when this person acts with her head or her heart, though one definitely takes precedent. This line often indicates a person who chooses to do what he or she loves, even if the pay is crap. Good. For. You. SIMIAN QUEEN!

There are many facets to palmistry, but by learning these three lines you can give yourself a good start to reading the lines in a person's hand. Hands are all SO different and inspecting varying hands is the best way to practice palmistry and familiarize yourself with the different lines. Stay tuned for more ways to read palms! What does your Life Line look like?