25 ways to use crystals to enrich your life

Incorporating crystals into your life is easy. I wanted to offer a quick list that you could pin to your Pinterest boards and use as a quick reference when you need it. As you get to know your crystals and as your awareness expands, you'll become drawn to different varieties of crystals and the fun will really begin. 

I always recommend starting slowly and working with one or two stones as you first dive in. Believe me, it gets exciting quick, and the next thing you know you'll be filling your pockets! Keep an eye out for some of the stones listed below so you can try some of these easy tips.

And in case you wanted more, below is the same list with quick links to get you more details on the easy tips you're drawn to - like gridding your yoga mat, or activating your financial luck.

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1. Wear Herkimer Diamonds to amplify your personal energy when you need to make an impression.

2. Grid your yoga mat with Amethyst to supercharge and replenish your aura during savasana.

3. Keep a black stone like Onyx or Tourmaline at the front of your house to protect the front door from intruders

4. Place a piece of Rose Quartz in the back right corner of your bedroom to activate your romantic luck. 

5. Pull a spiritual magnet over your garden by burying a couple crystals in its soil. This will also cleanse your crystals energetically!

6. Keep a piece of Aventurine or Sodalite near electronic equipment to help absorb some of the unhealthy EMFs emitted from them.

7. When you need energetic or physical protection, keep a piece of Tiger's Eye in your pocket.

8. Place a Himalayan salt lamp in your bedroom to improve your sleep quality.

9. Program a piece of Clear Quartz with any affirmation, and keep it with you for one month.

10. Build a beautiful crystal grid on your personal altar to radiate healing energy through your home.

11. Place a piece of Citrine in the back left corner of your office to activate your financial luck.

12. Keep a piece of Amethyst or Moonstone by your bedside or under your pillow to improve sleep and promote lucid dreaming.

13. Carry Rose Quartz and Carnelian together in your pocket while you are trying to conceive.

14. If you're feeling loopy, confused or overwhelmed, keep a grounding Smoky Quartz on you at all times.

15. Tuck a piece of Jet in the bedroom of an overactive child to promote calm and ease. Ensure it is placed in a safe place if your child is small.

16. Place a few pieces of magnetic Hematite on your fridge to tack up the grocery list or your next doctor appointment reminder.

17. If you're feeling pessimistic, keep a love stone like Rose Quartz and a black stone like Tourmaline on you to improve your mood and promote positivity.

18. Create a Lapis Lazuli gem essence and drink it to help reduce emotional bondage and stress.

19. Place an Amber necklace around the neck of teething babies. It acts as a natural antibiotic to reduce drooling and pain, and speeds healing.

20. Bring a piece of Aquamarine with you on your travels overseas to help encourage safe travels and promote good luck.

21. Trace your body's aura with a Selenite wand to help remove energy blocks and impurities.

22. Keep a piece of Amethyst in your little one's room if he or she is suffering from bad dreams.

23. During competition, keep a piece of Sunstone on you to draw attention to your skills and talents, making you sparkle like the sun!

24. If an environment or room is feeling negative, place a piece of (cleansedCalcite in the centre of the room to cleanse and wipe away any unwanted energy.

25. Meditate with a piece of Lemurian Quartz to download wisdom from your past lives, connect with your spiritual team and learn about the ancient civilization of Lemuria.