The 2019 moon calendar is here


The NEW 2019 Moon Calendar has arrived, and this year tracks the movement of all the celestial bodies in the sky, including which planets go retrograde, supermoons, solar and lunar eclipses and more. It’s my deepest calendar yet, all with the intention of helping you feel even more connected to yourself and those around you.


This year’s Moon Calendar was a blast to make. Last year was a whopper with Jupiter hanging out all year in Scorpio, making for some mega shifts in personal transformation for each of us. Scorpio represents birth, death, and rebirth, and when Jupiter (Planet of Growth, Expansion, Skills and Luck) hangs out in Scorpio, it means growth and expansion by birthing a new version of ourselves, yet sometimes painfully while the old us extinguishes. It’s worth it in the end, but it doesn’t mean its easy along the way.

I definitely went through my own transformation this year, specifically with my family and how my husband and I have woven our lives together as parents. So when I was making this year’s calendar, I knew I needed to break down all my previous ideas and really go with the flow of what I was feeling. I had to trust myself in a different way - Trust being a huge lesson from Scorpio.

Go with the flow, sort of became the calendar’s mantra (along with: DO WHAT YOU WANT!), and instead of the perfect circles inspired by crystals in previous calendars, I drew these organic shapes that reflected the fluidity and openness that is going to be the pulse point of the 2019 year.

This year’s description

“The 2019 Moon Calendar outlines the moving celestial bodies in the sky, to help you become increasingly aware of how your personal reality is being influenced, and how it is part of a larger collective, all influenced by the stars! Moon cycles, zodiac seasons, retrograde cycles, eclipses, supermoons and unique cosmic events are all outlined to support you in enhancing your universal and personal awareness. This year’s calendar includes a summary breakdown of each planet and what it represents, paired with deconstructed, simplified lunar orbs representing our radically transforming internal and external realities. You'll always know what influence is on the horizon with brief monthly insight, and the option to decode each celestial movement and how it will affect you with the in-depth sister companion to deeply explain each month’s energetics.”

Something new this year

New this year is the Sister Companion: a seasonal guide that deeply interprets each planetary shift in the sky, and how it affects us. I’m making them seasonally, as chunky little guides to help you understand everything outlined in the 2019 Moon Calendar on a deeper level. Each season I aim to design a new one, and offer them as stand alones or as a Sister Bundle (with the calendar).

Since I started these gals in 2015, they have continuously evolved, but I found that people were wanting more and more of my interpretation of the moon’s energy (and simultaneously, the celestial energetics of cosmic events like eclipses, retrogrades and more). I write about these shifts pretty regularly on my instagram, and that accountability helped me feel even more connected to myself as the days pressed on.

The comments section really started to come alive, and I was learning so much about our deep interconnectedness, and how these energetic shifts were affecting people in the exact same way - and yet a totally different way because we’re all unique. I’m telling you, it’s my most inspiring work to date.


I did away with some of the crystal focus this year, and I’ve actually had someone email me to ask me if we don’t cleanse our stones on the full moon anymore. We absolutely still tuck stones beneath the moonlight - I had just assumed people already knew this and that I didn’t need to offer the reminder (or take up the design space to write it out tbh). I guess I was wrong! Oh well, there is always next year.

I also omitted listing out the birthstones and suggested stones. This is largely because I took more of an astrological focus this year rather than crystal guide (see how it used to be called crystal moon vibes?!) because I found sharing astrological information to be extremely valuable in helping each of us reconnect to ourselves, each other, and something bigger than us all. I also think some of us just don’t like change (not me!) and I knew that I just needed to design what I wanted because it was impossible to make everyone happy. And that’s OK!

It’s cool when things evolve, and after the emotional unearthing that was 2018, it felt like a good year to get serious about how I can help here.

You can check out the 2019 Moon Calendar here! Take a peek at the new seasonal Sister Companion too, to help you sink in and learn what astrological events mean and how they may affect you - all year long! New Sister Companions are uploaded seasonally. You can also snag the calendar and guide as a Sister Bundle here.