20 reasons why you should live in a cabin

In the prairies, we have this thing called going to the lake. "The lake" is something we say all the time, although I've learned its a little unique to where we come from. What is means is we, or someone in our family (or circle of friends) owns a little cabin on the water usually an hour + away. Many of us travel to the Canadian shield to get our lake/cabin fix, and Derek and I always knew we wanted this lifestyle to be a staple in our family life. But we asked for a cabin and got a lodge instead, making our cabin-life dreams a day-to-day reality. Check out my instagram to see our journey - even The Hudson's Bay reposted one of our photos! Growing up with a lake to retreat to is a very special experience for a child, and I do believe it instills some really great qualities in young people, like appreciating the land, learning to play outside, keeping yourself in check and so much more. Below are 20 reasons why you should live in a cabin:


1. The smell of wood chips are an aphrodisiac.
2. Cabin-life encourages you to live off the land.
3. Making fires does something good to your soul.
4. Every night, you can see the stars.
5. Fresh air promotes the best sleeps.
6. Plaid never goes out of style.
7. You can forest bathe everyday.
8. Every morning starts with good strong coffee.
9. Foraging.
10. The hustle and bustle of the city stays in the city.
11. It's quiet. Really quiet.
12. No one is around to see you dance naked in your living room.
13. Sing-a-longs around the fire.
14. Lofts.
15. The number of cozy knitted quilts are endless. And more are always welcome.
16. The cupboards are always stocked for s'mores.
17. The air smells like firewood even in the summer.
18. You can catch your supper.
19. Forts. In the woods.
20. Making sweet cabin love.