10 crystals for creativity

Crystals can be great amulets when it comes to keeping us accountable in continuing to work toward our personal goals. Each crystal has unique attributes, and can help you in a variety of areas in your life.

When it comes to creativity, some of us self-identify as creative folk, while others hang our heads, exclaiming we have two left feet. But creativity isn't just about dancing - or painting, or writing, or drawing, or singing. Our personal creativity is also our ability to problem solve, think on our feet, and embrace a certain level of spontaneity.

And creativity can be learned! If you want to pump up your creative juices and read a fascinating book on the subject, I recommend the book, "Creative Confidence: Unleashing the Creative Potential Within Us All", by Tom and David Kelley. I had so much fun reading it, and learned about some pretty cool areas that I was especially creative in.

Here are 10 of my favourite crystals to help supercharge your creativity.

Looking for information on a specific crystal? Check out our Crystal Directory for insight on some of your favourite stones. We have a large database to help you!

Herkimer Diamonds are incredible energy amplifiers, and they can boost other stones they are with! They unblock any stagnant energy that could be congested within you, allowing your creative juices to flow freely. They have a very high vibration and pull information from spirit to infuse your being with creativity, wisdom and knowledge. Keep it with your other creativity stones!

How to use it: Wear Herkimer Diamonds when you're working on a creative project! Since they are programmable stones, program your Herkimer to help supercharge your creativity.

Sunset Aura Quartz invites some of the most potent creativity imaginable. It is connected to the sacral chakra (creativity), helping to stimulate new impressive ideas. If you've had creative blocks, it can also help smooth out these ripples. This is a great stone for writers suffering from writer's block, or if you're pitching story ideas to some head honchos.

How to use it: Keep a piece of Sunset Aura Quartz on your desk when you're working on a writing assignment, or a project that requires eloquent articulation.

Pyrite carries raw fire energy deep inside its core, making it a great motivator for making your own success. Its energies fill its owner with a boldness that can help propel new ideas and creativity. It also helps you manifest your deepest desires, so if you're a hustling entrepreneur, this is definitely the stone for you. Bonus? It's great for women to carry to help them feel empowered and in control.

How to use it: Hold a piece of pyrite when you're feeling uncertain or need a boost of confidence. It's great to hold through public speaking, giving a presentation, or through the 3:00 o'clock slump.

Tangerine Quartz is a stone of emotional grounding, supercharging mental capabilities and creating an environment that invokes inspiration and creative ideas. If you've had a rough go, or you feel doubt/depression toward your capabilities (overlooked for that promotion?), Tangerine Quartz offers peace of mind, a reset, and a fresh outlook. It attracts positivity and joy, too. Nice.

How to use it: Keep this stone in your pocket, and work with it over a period of a couple weeks. Try to have its energy with you each day, to help encourage happiness and creativity.

Basalt is great for enhancing creativity or to assist those working on a creative project. It can sometimes give a "bolt" of creativity. It's also good for those with a more timid nature, and can help your creative ideas get noticed. It has pure fire energy (it comes from volcanos!), and its boldness doesn't go unnoticed. It helps you reflect and acknowledge which parts need tweaking.

How to use it: If you're tweaking, editing, or revising a design, project, body of work, or idea, Basalt can help with that missing link, uncover errors, and give you something more. Keep it around you when you enter "phase two" of your project.

Group projects? Team environments? In a band? Spirit Quartz is a team-oriented crystal, helping strengthen bonds within a group. It brings passion and creativity and is especially good for artistic people and projects - particularly musicians, lyricists, writers and content creators. Bring this beauty into the recording studio with you, or let it tag along for a jam session!

How to use it: Keep Spirit Quartz out where everyone in the group can see it while you're working together. Let its energy emanate outward so everyone can benefit.

The protective and "watchful" Tiger's eye promotes positivity, and helps us to see our own skills and talents, giving us a little boost to help complete our goals. It releases any blocked creativity and can improve your personal power. This stone is grounding, increases the presence of spirit and is very lucky. It enhances willpower and self-confidence for a well-rounded stone.

How to use it: Wear this stone during competitions, presentations, or anywhere you might/could get noticed for your talents and creativity.

Ametrine is a great stone for those who are healers or who work in professions focused on people and creativity because of its healing, motivational, protective, positive and inspirational fusion. It ramps up creativity, offering many lightning bolt moments through  brainstorming. It enhances emotional wellbeing, and helps bring calm sooner than others stones when used in meditation. It's a great stone for therapists, counsellors, masseurs - even those who heal through song and music.

How to use it: Keep it in your office while you are performing healing work, such as counselling, reiki, massage or chanting.

Citrine is a good stone for creativity in business. It's particularly good if you need to be creative with your finances, find ways to save money, or brainstorm on a lucrative business idea. It's a good stone for those who work in business, finance, or have initiated a new start up. Tax season? Keep Citrine with you if you're filing for other people, or if you do your own, keep Citrine near by to ensure things go smoothly. It's good for bankers, accountants, bookkeepers or areas spotlighting attention to detail.

How to use it: Place Citrine in the wealth corner of your office to activate your business luck, creativity and optimism. Stand in the doorway of your office, facing inward and looking at your office, and place Citrine in the back left corner.

Apatite enhances mental strengths such as creativity and problem solving, and is a good stone for entrepreneurs or business owners. It quells apathy and negative emotions. It can help you work toward the greater good for all, encouraging a humanitarian outlook and approach to your duties. It brings a sense of awareness back to you when you're busy zooming through your daily routines.

How to use it: Keep Apatite in your pocket or tucked into your bra if you're feeling pessimistic, negative or overwhelmed. It will slow you down enough to promote clarity and creativity.


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