10 Crystal Commandments

When an item is heralded as extremely valuable, it is sometimes compared to being "as precious" as a gem. Crystals are sacred items with powerful energy systems. Their big energy has the potential to heal, unlock, and transform our our energy when we interact with them. And they can do even more than that!

I wrote 10 Crystal Commandments for my friends over at the Body Book, and I wanted to help guide you in using the crystals in your own collection so you can see the best results possible in your journey toward healing and growth.

And as always, listen to your heart when working with crystals, and only adopt rituals that feel right for you, in your soul. Here are the 10 Crystal Commandments:

1. Treat Your Crystals With Respect

"As precious as a gem," shouldn't be taken lightly! Crystals have their own spirit, and were once heralded as treasures and heirlooms. And they still are, even if the emphasis on their importance has been modernized.

Treating your crystals with respect means handling and storing them with care. Try not to place your crystals on the floor, or discard them absentmindedly in a drawer. If you need to place your crystals on the ground, try placing them on a cloth or plate, or directly on your yoga mat.

2. Attune Your Crystals to your Own Energy

When you get a new crystal, it's important to attune the crystal to your energy, letting it know you're the knew "owner," or energy it will be working with. When a crystal sits in a crystal shop, it can potentially be influenced by all the patrons who enter the store. When the crystal becomes yours, it is important to awaken the crystal; attuning it to your energy field. Crystals can sometimes enter hibernation mode, and while not all crystals may have entered this sleepy state, it's good practice to awaken the stone and introduce yourself energetically!

3. Cleanse Your Crystals Regularly

Crystals do a variety of things: they project energy, amplify energy, transmute energy, absorb energy, and more. Sometimes, a crystal can get energetically dirty or clogged. For example, if a crystal absorbs negativity or redirects the negative influence from a psychic vampire, it will also need to expel that energy safely. Energy needs to go somewhere! A cleansing ritual is a great practice to purify your crystals to keep them energetically clean. Check out this comprehensive cleansing guide.

4. Charge, DEDICATE OR Program Your Crystals Before Use

An individual crystal can have a slew of characteristics and properties. For example, Onyx encourages inner strength, helps with past-life work, and even calms unstable emotions. Isolating one of the characteristics through charging, programming or dedicating can make crystal healing more impactful. By telling the Onyx I want to work with it specifically for inner strength during a difficult time, the crystal can direct all its energy to doing just that.

Charging crystals beneath a full moon or by setting them on top of a crystal cluster formation, can help temporarily boost their strength, allowing you to maximize their potential.

5. Find Your Personal Power Stone

Each energy system reacts slightly more harmoniously with certain crystals. As each energy field is unique, the various energetic blends found within people each respond differently to varying crystals types. Identify which crystal makes you feel your absolute best, or which crystal always seems to find its way into your possession. This is your Power Stone!

6. Collect a personal Crystal Toolkit

It's awesome to build yourself a collection of crystals that allow you to do basic things energetically. You may want a love stone, a protection stone, a stone to absorb negativity, etc. Starting small and really getting to know the name of each crystal and what its properties are will allow you to pay closer attention to how the stone affects you. This is your core collection. Once you know what your core collection is - the stones you habitually reach for - you can expand and get into more unique crystals.

7. Discover your birthstone and its significance

Did you know you have a handful of lucky stones depending on your sun sign? I'm a September baby, so that means my birthstone is a Sapphire. But I'm also a Libra, and that means there are a bunch of stones that Libra governs, like Opal, Aquamarine and Jade. Each can be considered my birthstone! Discover which crystals identify with you to learn how you can harness their abilities to dynamically enhance your life. Certain months and astrological signs associate with different crystals, and you’ll be connected to a variety of options. Check out the full list here.

8. Seek Out New Crystals That Call to You

Do you ever see a crystal and feel as if it is winking at you? It may feel as if it calls to you and you can't seem to ignore it. Some crystals can get sleepy - or hibernate - but they can also awaken when a person's energy field comes into contact with them that they are attuned to. It's wild! Imagine the crystal pushing its energy toward you - like human pheromones - just trying to get your attention so you take it home. Be open to working with crystals that energetically call you, because they could A) be your Power Stone, or B) have important work to do with you. 

9. Know the Power of Different Crystal Formations

Though crystals come in many different varieties, they also grow in different shapes and sizes depending on their environments. Different formations are created under different pressures, and offer bonus insight as to what the crystal’s gifts are, and how you can use them most effectively. Understand the value and effect of different formations.

10. Know Which Crystals Pair Well Together

Learn which crystals pair well together to create new energy that complements your end goal. Are you trying to conceive? Rose Quartz and Carnelian are a potent combo. Are you trying to get deeper rest? Amethyst and Moonstone are your dream team. 

Crystals should always be used intentionally, and it helps me to think of my "end goal" while working with crystals. What am I trying to achieve? Some stones can have conflicting energy - say asking us to look inward and retreat, or encouraging us to speak out and be bold with a fire in our belly. Grabbing two stones with opposing energy and putting them in your pocket for the day might actually negatively influence you. Pairing complementary crystals together helps to supercharge your intent, bringing the most value to you. In your core collection, learn complementary pairings and start small. When crystal energy pairs up with complementary crystal energy, the positive effects can be incredible.

Originally written for Our Body Book.