1 key secret to actually achieving your goals

The New Year often has us feeling bold with our resolutions. We drive hard for a month or maybe even two, but for some reason many of us drop off before spring. We may even forget there was a goal in the first place. Our excitement is replaced with guilt and a bad case of the blahs. But it's not just January. This happens to us all the time - with so many of our goals.

Maybe it's a weight loss goal. Maybe it's a dedication to yourself to be more out there. Maybe it's a creative goal. Maybe you want to quit smoking. Whatever it is, there is one specific thing you can do to ensure your success, regardless of how easy or challenging your target is. No, you're not lazy; you're not a loser or a failure for quitting or falling off the band wagon. You were just missing something...

No matter how much mojo you have, everyone hits road bumps. Those bumps can turn into ruts, and ruts can turn into a full blown relapse, demise or surrender. Road bumps are inevitable, no matter how careful we are, so don't get upset or disappointed with yourself when you first hit one. You're going to hit one. So be prepared!

How can you ensure your success when the odds are stacked against you?


Doesn't it seem so simple? Many of us keep our goals to ourselves, furiously writing them down in our journals (I hope!) or stacking post-it after post-it on our mirrors. But by sharing your goals you make them real, and you become accountable. Staying accountable in huge in goal-setting and by hitting up a supportive community with a similar goal, you can do wonders for your potential success. 

When you're in an environment, whether it's physical or digital, having people with a likeminded goal is key. They'll be rooting for you because they're rooting for themselves. Success breeds success.

Want to finish that novel this year? Join a writers group. Find those Facebook groups - they exist for a reason. Follow writers on Periscope.

Want to lose weight? Find a coach. Join a juicing blog. Read and comment on those detox forums. Look into what kind of community involvement is available at your gym.

Want to start your own business? Find a mentor. Sign up for entrepreneurial newsletters. Find a business-owner/entrepreneur Meet Up in your area.

It's important to get involved and make meaningful relationships. You'll find that you start caring about other people's results, too, which only helps you to push yourself further. There will be other people in your community struggling with the exact same things you are - or will be - and they'll be there to help push you through. The best part? You can return the favour when your mojo is back up. When another person in your community starts to waver, you can be the one to keep them steady. This does double duty in helping YOU keep YOUR goals.

I first joined a community when I began juicing years ago. My goal was to lose weight because I wasn't taking as good care of myself as I could have been. I found so many great juicing recipes on the forum I joined, and learned so much from the other people. I've begun juicing again this year (to lose that baby weight - and because it just makes me feel good!) and was overjoyed to find that the forum still exists! I felt like I was coming home.

I learned of the calming and healing benefits of community when I got pregnant. I didn't want to publicly share much information because I felt like my pregnancy was just for me and my spouse. If I did share something, I wanted to be in control of it - like I shared on this blog. I didn't want to share my vulnerable questions to the other mom's on Facebook, because there were people also there who weren't moms! Finding a pregnancy community was so helpful to me, because I could ask my questions in secret, feeling safe from public eyes, but being open in my "safe" community.

And when I picked up dancing again this year, I accidentally fell into a dancer's community! I wasn't looking, but it popped up for me on Facebook, and now I regularly visit just to get inspired. Every time I see an uplifting post from this group, I'm feeling extra motivated. I'm so glad I have that in my back pocket.

Community has amazing benefits and it is the key to staying on track - staying accountable - and actually achieving those awesome goals this year. If you're serious about your 2016, you owe it to yourself to find others that can help you.