STEP 1: Get the information

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Let's calculate your birth chart.

There are many "modalities" that I like to use to help us explore our inner workings. We don't need to rewrite our stories, we need to look back and learn from them. Once we understand them, living out our best story becomes clear.

We need to learn who the main character is first, and dynamic astrology can help us do that. It can shed some light on our dark inner corners that we maybe don't look at often enough, or even realize how important they are to unlocking our personal wisdom and unique imprint that we have to offer.

We can be so fixated on looking ahead in modern spirituality, and "manifesting" or "goal planning" for the future. But our real teachings come from what we've already explored. Looking back at your unique stories every so often is some of the deepest medicine we can experience. We are constantly growing and evolving; we're always changing. Every day we are a new version of ourselves, and we have the opportunity to look back at our experiences with fresh eyes, and learn something new.

To begin, let's carve into your birth chart. You'll need to enter your birth information in the calculator, but please be mindful of entering your exact birth time, and the specific city you were born in (yes, there is a chance that your "city" isn't listed, but most will be). Please do not "round up or down" your birth time; it should be quite specific: 3:34 AM, 17:47 PM, 9:02 AM, etc. If you do not seek out this information (and admittedly, it can be hard to find sometimes!) I can't guarantee that your results are accurate. Please do your best to find specifics.



Vanessa's birth chart, Rogue Wood Supply

Once you have all your birth information, a pie chart will open up in a new page. This is your astrological birth chart! It looks a little complicated, but we'll begin to carve into what it means.

On this new page, you will have a lot of information written below your pie chart to help you identify the placement. Please note, I did not write that information, but think it is very valuable for you to read since it gives you some insight right away. Sometimes, not all the information feels accurate, because it is reading the information in a singular way, without incorporating all the information together.

This is actually really complex stuff, but let's try to keep it as simple as possible, to help you begin to get a grasp on that gorgeously brilliant main character we crave to know more about.