Crystal Meditation Gathering

Crystal Meditation Gathering


Have you ever wanted to connect with your spiritual team, but were unsure how? Working with crystals through guided meditation and journeying is a powerful way to activate next-level spiritual growth.

Back by popular demand!

In this healing workshop, you will have crystals placed at high energy points on your body, while reclining to relax for a therapeutic crystal meditation. Each crystal placement helps unblock stress and disruption within the body, while you navigate your own spiritual kingdom. We will travel into your spiritual landscape to meet an animal spirit and a spiritual teacher, and have you ask them questions to shed insight into your personal experience in this life. You will also be given the tools to journey with crystals on your own, so you can continue to enhance your intuitive and spiritual development. You'll even get to take the crystals we use home with you!

Sunday June 24th
12:00 - 3:00 pm at the Yoga Barre (second floor)

6640 Roblin Boulevard
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Space is limited. All sales final.


- How to safely navigate your spiritual kingdom
- How to make contact with an animal spirit in the lower world
- How to interpret the animal's message for you
- How to safely connect with a spiritual teacher from the upper world
- How to use crystals in meditation at high energy points on the body
- How to continue exploring your spiritual landscape without assistance
- How to communicate with your soul


Yoga mat, pillow or blanket
We lie down for this series of meditations; make sure you're cozy and comfortable! You can also bring a pillow or anything else that makes you feel comfy and relaxed.

You will have some intense conversations with some of the guides on your spiritual team. Writing these exchanges down can help with your intuitive development later - and help you remember their important messages!

Leave your crystals at home
Please leave your pocket crystals, necklaces or other jewellery at home. We will be working with specific crystals for this gathering.