2018 Moon Calendar (Digital Volume)

2018 Moon Calendar (Digital Volume)

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The 2018 Moon Calendar (Digital Volume) is your lunar and crystal companion to reconnect to the moon's influential cycle. The 2018 Moon Calendar outlines the four major moon phases each month, including each month's Moon Name, how its energy affects us, and when to cleanse and charge your crystals when the moon is 99% - 100% illuminated. You'll always know what influence is on the horizon with monthly lunar insight, Solstice and Equinoxes, lunar and solar eclipses, Supermoons, and Mercury Retrogrades.

The 2018 year is going to start off with a bang, including two full moons in January (the Quiet Moon and the Blue Moon), a Lunar Eclipse, two Supermoons, and four chances to charge and cleanse your crystals.

Each month's traditional lucky stones are included, along with monthly crystal recommendations based on the moon's changing energetic influence.

Download the full 2018 calendar for yourself to help you navigate a cleansing and charging schedule for your crystals at home!

Note: This year's calendar accommodates both northern and southern hemispheres. Equinoxes and Solstices are outlined for those in the Northern Hemisphere and those in the Southern Hemisphere for a globally-friendly calendar.

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