DIY Sage and Lavender Fire Starter
ends (as seen above). You can use as much or as little herbs as you'd like, but using more sage helps used peppermint and lavender; other great options include oregano, thyme and rosemary) • sage evening bevvie. Thankfully, when sage is burned in a bonfire, it keeps those pesky mosquitos and other sage DIY Sage and Lavender Fire Starter
8 Housewarming gifts with magical influences
backgrounds: 1. SAGE Gifting a bundle of sage is a very traditional housewarming gift and extra pertinent to sage the wizard in your life. Burning sage is a great welcome home ritual that cleanses the old energy
Six tips for growing your own indoor sage
! It's not unusual to get a dusting of snow in April or May. Since kale and sage are staples to my . Watching those first little sprouts shoot up from the dirt always makes me giddy. But sage is a little Six tips for growing your own indoor sage three batches of sage, one from a pesky seedling and the other two from already sprouted plants. If own stock for at-home purposes, like these. Below are my six tips for growing sage in your home home life, I've decided to get some of my indoor plants started. I love giving dried sage to friends sage
7 items to heighten your meditation practice
frequently you use them. Think of it like muscle memory, but for your nose and mind. Burning sage is blanket. • pillow • crystals • beeswax candle • sage • headspace app • tee • mala great way to help your meditation practice is to burn sage or incense as part of the ritual. These seasoned vet, check out these seven items to heighten your meditation practice: SAGE OR INCENSE One sage
Ten different ways to use sage
has taken to over-harvesting white sage due to cultural appropriation of Native American smudging ways to use it. I spent an entire summer chiffonade-ing fresh garden sage, so I'm serious about it. sage I've been pretty open about my sage obsession. It's such a diverse herb, and I feel like there are ways to use it. I spent an entire summer chiffonade-ing fresh garden sage, so I'm serious about it white sage, specifically. I just planted garden sage, purple sage and pineapple sage in my backyard Ten different ways to use sage tons of ways to use it that people don't realize. It was really hard to wean down all of sage's
10 end of summer rituals
sage firewood to keep the fun going all night long. PS: toss some sage into your fire to keep the bugs
Am I actually causing harm?
longer carry white sage based smoke bath sticks, because I feel they "borrow" too strongly from the when you are actually smoke bathing. WHITE SAGE, ROSEWOOD, pALO SANTO... These are items that longer be carrying white sage in our smoke cleansing blends, and no longer carrying palo santo wands. I , and Wild Spirit will be reworked into loose herbs, without white sage, to encourage smoke cleansing sage are many purifying herbs out there to choose from. After all, all sage is purifying, not specifically
How to use sage to smoke cleanse your home
herb that comes in many varieties, and while you may have heard of white sage being used in Native purifying! If you can, try not to use white sage as it is being over-harvested. You can grow your own sage depression, or even a big mess, (hello, small children) I like to do a smoke cleanse. Sage is a versatile How to use sage to smoke cleanse your home sage American ceremonial practices such as smudging, smoke cleansing your space with sage is something American ceremonial practices such as smudging, smoke cleansing your space with sage is something different. different. Saging offers an energetic cleanse to any person or space, but all sage varieties are
Twelve magical plants for your garden
with helps remove stagnant energy. It's great to use during your spring cleaning while you also sage ! Whether its stuffing a dream pillow full of lavender, burning some home grown sage to cleanse your home rituals you have. Note: All sage varieties are cleansing. White sage is overharvested and endangered need a small amount to cleanse your space! Soulful tip: Burn dried sage. It's properties are sage self-care rituals. Check out my favourite twelve magical plants for your garden: SAGE Sage is a
A comprehensive guide to crystal cleansing
choice - is being over-harvested. I'd like to encourage you to try local sage, sage you grow yourself sage, it is being over-harvested. I would encourage you to seek out a sustainable wood source, or using my trusty herb, sage (though not white sage because it's over-harvested), or harnessing the sage technique is quick and effective. Sage is an herb that is often used, however, white sage - a popular
How to smoke cleanse with Birch
any other sage variety. Or you can use rosemary, peppermint, white pine, or birch. And you should try home. You're actually smoke cleansing, and there is no reason why you need to use white sage for trendy items are white sage, palo santo, rosewood and more, but we are focusing on these three that. All sage has the same properties, so you can use purple sage, pineapple sage, prairie sage or - just like white sage and palo santo - and it invites restoration and healing to you. These are
Pleasant House on the Prairie
coyote fever. Maybe it's the fog. I don't know. I haven't properly saged, sweetgrassed, and palo santoed
DIY Wild rose and coconut sugar scrub
other organic plants and flowers such as peonies, lavender, garden sage or anything else you have
Therapeutic Young Moon Bath Brew
Himalayan rock salt • dried herbs and/or essential oils I’m using dried white sage, and rose and
Winter Survival Guide: Savouring your nest
dust, cobwebs and the salt from our winter boots, gather some cleansing herbs, like white sage and vibration of spring. 3. SAGE YOUR SPACE There is a lot of truth to the power of spring cleaning. Once
Five secrets to growing your best edible garden ever
rosemary, sage, and peas, but they hate being anywhere near dill. Cucumbers love being with pals like to some tasty onions. Broccoli and cauliflower dig rosemary, sage, dill and anything with a fragrant
Home Apothecary
.   ANTIBACTERIAL COUGH SYRUP INGREDIENTS • few handfuls of garden sage • honey • mason jar Sage is amazing garden - peppermint - thyme - lavender - eucalyptus - pine needles - sage • baking soda stuff. Stuff a few handfuls of clean, stemmed sage into a mason jar and pour honey over the sage
4 herbal blends to deepen your spirituality
with other herbs, and help you deepen your spiritual practice: MUGWORT Sometimes called black sage
The one thing you're forgetting to do to your crystals
the moon, or my favourite, wafting them through sage smoke. Once this has been done, your crystals
How to make a Dream Pillow
purification and cleansing properties that sage would, making it a magnet for sucking off stress that santo can be substituted for dried sage, but the holy wood has a softer fragrance and still has the
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