Astrological insights with Moon + Quartz's Lennon Mara
in February! What can we look forward to with this new addition to the Moon + Quartz website? LM . RW: Who was Lennon before Moon + Quartz? LM: Ha! Lennon didn’t exist. RW: Whaaaaat?! What do . Please visit Lennon's website Moon + Quartz for more information on her magical astrological outlook : I really haven’t been able to stop studying since. RW: What inspired you to begin Moon + Quartz? LM Astrological insights with Moon + Quartz's Lennon Mara : I launched Moon + Quartz to share my vision of astrology as a powerful and pragmatic tool for
Clear Quartz
Clear Quartz spiritual library," Clear Quartz can enhance psychic abilities by giving its owner access to truly , regulates it, releases it and more. Clear Quartz acts as a conduit to purify all energies family of variations. ANYTHING ELSE? The Kirlian camera showed that by holding a Clear Quartz CLEAR QUARTZ WHAT’S IT GOOD FOR? Clear Quartz is one of the most important crystals to have in your period of your focus to, programming a Clear Quartz can benefit your goals immensely. Clear Quartz are
Phantom Quartz
that quartz, amethyst, fluorite - you name it. All phantoms will possess the knowledge of the stone PHANTOM QUARTZ WHAT’S IT GOOD FOR? Any stone with a phantom inside is said to bring immense healing yourself. To learn about Clear Quartz healing in particular, check here. WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE? Phantom Phantom Quartz
Angel Aura Quartz
Angel Aura Quartz changing their life for the greater good. WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE? Angel Aura Quartz is a clear to ANGEL AURA QUARTZ WHAT’S IT GOOD FOR? Angel Aura Quartz (also called Opal Aura Quartz) is a very of these two blends. ANYTHING ELSE? Angel Aura Quartz is known for "feeling good" when you hold it . This is caused by platinum bonding to quartz. This is an alchemicalized crystal carrying properties
Autumn vibes and feelings for 2018
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looking to attract that sense of love and abundance into your life, working with Rose Quartz is a great that's exactly what Rose Quartz can attract your way. But it also invites romantic love! If you're quartz personal absolute faves. You can buy them here. Rose Quartz were a no-brainer for us, because A) they're rose quartz harvested Rose Quartz you can find. You can buy them here. I am obsessed with these Black Tourmaline crystallized Rose Quartz, which comes from a specific place and is therefore more rare than most
Stone Age: Cherry Quartz
WHAT’S IT GOOD FOR? Cherry Quartz carries the transformative properties of glass. It is a very Stone Age: Cherry Quartz quartz environements/temperatures and intentions when they were born. Cherry Quartz is bright pink, often with , making it easy to identify. ANYTHING ELSE? Cherry Quartz is a good stone to use in chromotherapy romance (but maybe feel pessimistic about it) this is a great stone to keep with you. Cherry Quartz ? Most importantly, Cherry Quartz isn't actually quartz. It's manmade glass. But I'm not about shunning Cherry Quartz carries the transformative properties of glass. It is a very positive manmade stone
Stone Age: Tangerine Quartz
, bringing out your best self. WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE? Tangerine Quartz is a natural orange crystal quartz WHAT’S IT GOOD FOR? Tangerine Quartz embodies all the properties of quartz crystals, but its warm Stone Age: Tangerine Quartz , Tangerine Quartz attracts authentic joy into our lives, helping us to experience a wholehearted and . Since Tangerine Quartz is a naturally formed stone, its orange hue is not usually extremely vibrant . ANYTHING ELSE? Tangerine Quartz is connected to the sacral chakra (pelvis), and can help with
Stone Age: Sunset Aura Quartz
Aura Quartz has an orange glow with rainbow inflections in the light. It is a peachy, pink stone stones have been infused with other minerals. It is a relatively new aura quartz, and is sometimes quartz WHAT’S IT GOOD FOR? Quartz varieties are master healers. Each variety will bring additional Stone Age: Sunset Aura Quartz addition to your crystal collection! Sunset Aura Quartz is immensely healing to the heart and sacral lack in vitality or sexual energy, Sunset Aura Quartz can help clear any blocks hanging out in
Stone Age: Ametrine
quartz two quartz stones, while creating an additional unique vibration. This blend ignites the spiritual
Career power pack
wisps of doubt that weave through your mind. SMOKY QUARTZ Smoky Quartz is grounding and practical smoky quartz
The one crystal you absolutely need
in the Crystal Kingdom. Just as Clear Quartz is powerful, it is also programmable, meaning you can of your crystal collection. The Quartz Family comprises a lot of stones, but Clear Quartz quartz and you're feeling like you need a boost, you can charge Clear Quartz with a confidence attribute . If you're looking to improve your feelings of self-worth, you can charge Clear Quartz with a self -love attribute. HOW TO PROGRAM A CRYSTAL   METHOD ONE When the moon is full, place your Clear Quartz
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4 crystal grids to promote wellness
romance!   WHAT YOU'LL NEED 1. Four pieces of tumbled Rose quartz 2. Four pieces of tumbled Garnet 3 apply to your self-care rituals. CRYSTAL GRID TO ATTRACT ROMANCE Rose quartz + Garnet Rose quartz quartz can also be a self-love stone, so it's important to encourage true love, passion and commitment we're asleep! PROGRAMMABLE CRYSTAL GRID FOR WHATEVER YOU NEED Clear quartz Clear quartz is easily the same variety. Place the Rose quartz above your head, below (and between) your feet and on the rose quartz
6 High Vibe Crystal Pairings
job or work. Rose Quartz and Carnelian reconnect the couple, heal any out of balance energy and promote a ripe and fertile environment. Rose Quartz heals emotional and spiritual wounds, and this is cleansed stones. You can check out more romantic pairings here. Clear Quartz and Black Tourmaline Big quartz Carnelian Conceiving Rose Quartz and Carnelian are an ideal pairing to promote fertility and have diluted, unnoticeable or even reverse affects to what you're working toward. Rose Quartz and
Herkimer Diamond
, and are the hardest stone of the quartz family. ANYTHING ELSE? Herkimer Diamonds have such a pure life force energy. They are the most powerful of the entire quartz family. Like clear quartz ? Herkimer Diamonds are brilliantly clear and transparent. They are double terminated quartz crystals
Shaman's Dream
. They are clear quartz with flecks of iron, chlorite, rutilated quartz, smoky quartz and more. The dreamscape. As this crystal is largely clear quartz, it holds the properties of that crystal, making it
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