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Pink Aventurine is a lucky stone for Aries. It helps you to embrace your being, returning joy to your existence, exposing your potential. See our full lucky stone list per zodiac sign in the Crystal Moon Vibes calendar.




The Pink Moon earns its name from the early blooms of wild pink phlox. Now is the time to sew the seeds from the inspirational ideas and new thoughts that came in March's Crow Moon. April is bringing a big energetic shift, and this full moon is the catalyst to kick us off. If you've tried something new and it hasn't gone well, or you've lacked the motivation to try/initiate - but the idea is there! - harness the push the Pink Moon is offering. Paired with Mercury retrograde, prepare to go over the details with a fine tooth comb, otherwise you can expect a couple hiccups. But hiccups aren't to be feared! They're to ensure you aren't rushing. And while you don't need to rush, you do need to be purposeful. The Pink Moon is hopeful and motivational, so even if you come up against a couple roadblocks, you'll feel an optimistic undercurrent keeping your spirits in order. You may have exciting things on the horizon, but by paying attention to the rhythms you are connected to, you can better harness your creativity and productivity. For this Full Moon, be social, be honest, and be sincere, and you will welcome complementary, helpful energy to you that will help guide you through spring. This is a hopeful time. 

Now is an ideal time to charge your crystals beneath the moonlight. Depending on location, it will be full from April 10 - 12.




Each full moon offers moon moodlets that affect your crystals. As part of our Prairie Polar Cleanse Ritual, we cleanse and charge our crystal collections from the supply shop on each full moon, so they arrive at your door ready-to-use and sparkly clean! You can view this post for a year-long look at upcoming moodlets for 2017, or download the Crystal Moon Vibes Calendar to follow along at home, and plan your charges well in advance. Shop our crystal collections here.

Rogue Wood Supply is headquartered on the longitudinal centre gridlines of the Great White North. That means, we're smack dab in the heart of Canada, picking up some powerful charging properties.