Much like Malachite, this stone is an amplifier - but a gentle amplifier. It doesn't bulldoze a person quite like the stripy green crystal does. If you're looking to make some changes, but are feeling a little resistant for any reason, Honey Calcite might be the stone to seek out. Sometimes we logically know something is no longer working for us, but letting go is a whole other beast. Honey Calcite can put us in a state of "allowing" so that we can welcome change, new energies and healthy habits to take house in our lives. It allows your authentic self to shine through, as sometimes we can begin marching down a foreign path, often forgetting who we are and where we come from. This stone's gentle energy reminds us to be mindful - to stop and look around, digest our surroundings and decide if they're right for us. This stone helps us say "yes or no" even if it comes from a place of vulnerability. If you're looking to strengthen your sense of self, this is the guy for you.


There is something about Honey Calcite that reminds me of actual honey, (probably where its name came from) solidified in a nice little shape. It's very warm-looking, and has a depth that shines different shades of a brownish amber. If a crystal is tricky to identify, but has a slight transparency, there is a good chance it is in the calcite family.


Is your little guy wetting the bed? Place a piece of Honey Calcite near his bed side to help quell this finicky problem. Honey Calcite can help with learning new habits and can be introduced to your life accordingly. This crystal is also sometimes called Amber Calcite, but they're the exact same thing.