Are you not selling crystals anymore?

I’m not - sorry for the poor news. I have new opportunities on the horizon that I’m really excited about exploring. I’ll be partnering with retailers I trust so I can still offer you places to purchase the stones that you need. You can check out the resources I am offering in the shoppe.

What crystals should I use to improve fertility?

I always recommend Rose Quartz and Carnelian together. You can check out this post for insight on how to use them effectively.

I’m building a house and I want to put crystals in the walls of my new build. Can I do that?

I don’t recommend doing this, because then you can't access and energetically cleanse the crystals. There are workarounds though! I’ve got a thorough post on it here.

Can you identify this crystal for me if I send you a photo?

Unfortunately, I am unable to reply to all the images I receive. It’s better to identify a crystal in-person anyway; try seeking out a local supplier to help you. Identifying a crystal from a photo may not be accurate and you should always know exactly what you’re working with.

Can you give me some kind of reading through Skype?

I can’t do that right now. I’m looking to bring digital services like this to the Rogue Wood platform soon. I offer crystal readings in person.

Can you give me a crystal reading?

Readings are currently for Manitoba residents only. I offer readings at the Yoga Barre in Winnipeg. The schedule and availability is posted in the Book a Crystal Reading link here. I will warn you, readings book up fast! It’s best to follow my instagram to stay up to date on when I release new available dates.

Can you recommend me some mystical apps to help my development?

Sure! I love the MOON app to track the lunar phases. I also looooove the Co-star app for personalized astrological insight that’s tailored to your entire birth chart. Pretty cool.

Who designed your website?

I did! I teach Advanced Web Design, Web Marketing, and Digital and Social media in college and university environments. I’m a Creative Communications graduate, majoring in Advertising.

Can you design something for me?

Sorry, I’m not accepting new design clients right now.

Can I take your Social Media or Marketing class?

I teach these classes within the Red River College Creative Communications program, and the University of Winnipeg PACE Public Relations program, both of which are full-time courses. Sometimes I offer 1-2 day condensed workshops, but I’m usually hosted by an outside company.

Can we collaborate?

I’m always looking to work with new people! Check out my Collaborate page to see what Rogue Wood is available for.

Can I do a guest post for you?

Sorry, RW isn't accepting guest posts. Our readers have come to recognize and trust my voice, along with Meghan and Nicole, who sometimes help me out!

Can I email you?

Of course you can! I love hearing from you - I’m here to help! It may take me a some time to respond (I don’t work 24/7), but if you need to reach me, you can here.