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Getting real about the new website

Vanessa KundermanComment

It's been just about a month since the newly designed website went live, and since the launch of the new supply shop! I has been so exciting. I've been getting so much feedback (thanks guys!) that I wanted to share a post explaining and outlining some of the awesome things happening over here.


The Prairie Polar Cleanse is something I'm really proud of. It is a special cleansing and charging process that all the crystal collections go through before they find their way into your hands. I live in a really special place that has some powerful loving energy. I'm placed right on the longitudinal heart grid line of Canada, and in the middle of a birch forest. Gridlines all over the planet hold super spiritual charges, so I encourage you to check out where you are! The heart gridline in Canada is icy and pure, and incredibly loving. I hope you can feel that when your collections arrive at your door.

What's more, each full moon has a special energy about it. For Rogue Wood Supply, I've researched and combined North American indigenous and European names/energies for the moons, to create a full moon calendar that you can follow so you know which added monthly moodlets have moonkissed your collection.

Each full moon, all the crystals in the RW collections are placed beneath the full moon in the Rogue Wood Studio, and left to soak up the cleanse and charge until morning. You can do this with your own crystals at home! Full moon cleansing is a great monthly reminder to take care of your stones, and it cleanses and charges them simultaneously. Bonus.


The Rogue Wood Categories have morphed and transformed over the life of this website. I'm so lucky to have such a loyal audience and sizeable tribe - because when I asked you what your favourite part of the website was (this questionnaire was sent to Tribe Members in the biweekly newsletter) you totally showed up!

Before you get annoyed with me that the category icons in the right side bar don't have titles, when you hover over them, the title of the icon should show up in the bottom left hand side of your browser. I'm hoping that you visit so much you just get familiar with what I chat about here. (insert winky face here)

Self-care rituals were a very big number one favourite, but there were some surprising requests that I decided to add to the dock. But self-care is the staple behind this website, and it does hold the bulk of my content. Under this category, you can find a list of thoughtful and out-of-the-box ways to enhance your spirituality and take care of yourself using mindfulness.

Crystal lore houses all the things I write about that are crystal-related. That means feng shui posts that call for crystals can be found here, as can topics such as how to cleanse your stones, and how to use them with meditation, grids and more. This topic is what inspired my crystal collections that you can find in the shop.

Botanicals are another huge staple to RW, and turns out my peeps are avid gardeners - THANK GOODNESS - because plants have so many amazing properties - just like crystals do. I'm a big believer in living harmoniously with our land, and much of that can be found under Botanicals category. My obsession with sage can also be found here. Whoops!

Feng shui is a new addition! I'm obsessed with changing up my home and making it ultra cozy and zen. I've been studying feng shui for years, and I have felt the impact of healthy/unhealthy spaces. This practice blends super well with mindfulness because our home's have their own energy that needs to be taken care of as well. Here, you can learn ways to enhance your home's spirit.

Gridwork is what has put Rogue Wood Supply on the map. Who knew!? This category outlines ways to use crystals in grids that follow sacred geometry in order to enact positive change in our lives. In this category, I've included grids that you can use on your personal altar to help with meditation, in personal spreads to help alleviate stress, and even in your home!

Lastly, you can find the pink little "Open!" icon as a new category, signifying that the online shop has opened and is ready for shopping! Aside from my items, I've chosen to include some curated items by makers that I really like, like Northlore Goods, and Worthwhile Paper. I plan to add more curated items to the shop, so it is ever-evolving and you have cool things to look forward to.


My journey with motherhood has been... an experience. I've been open about my struggles with Hawksley, a little spirit who joined this earth shortly after this website did, and so many of you sent me really thoughtful, moving emails and messages about not excluding him from my website. Writing about motherhood was something I scoffed at a bit, but when I got super real and honest with myself, it was a healing and therapeutic experience that I needed to include. I felt a connection with so many other parents and would-be parents that I'm eternally grateful for. I started this website as a way to navigate through my troubled pregnancy - it was meant to keep me busy, and sane. How could I remove some of MY favourite stuff?

So I spotlighted them, in hopes that you could get to know me a little more.

Yes. Duh. Self-care rituals are my favourite. If I'm being honest, I couldn't decide between a coffee icon and a bathtub icon so this satisfied my irrational stress over the subject. Besides, I didn't want you to think that self-care wasn't my absolute fave if I excluded it. This will link you to some dandy little rituals

My gardening tag is a little more isolated that the "Botanical" category. This is specific gardening and plant advice, and less specifically anything about plants, herbs and flowers. Gardening is one of my favourite ways to relax, and we can learn a lot from getting our hands a little dirty.

Annnnd yes, here is Hawksley Storm's tag. I decided to give him his own button because let's face it: things are only going to get more intense as he grows up, and we can always use a little more honesty when it comes to parenting. Besides, things aren't always as rosy as IG makes them seem.

The crystal tag will take you right to the directory. Since crystals are my absolute fave, and another bulk portion of this website, I wanted to direct readers to the directory to find a crystal that works best for them. The directory is always growing!

Pleasant House on the Prairie is a tag that I'll be housing everything about our new home in the country. Adjusting from city life has definitely been an adventure, but there are so many gifts from our land that it's a sacrifice we're happy to make. I'll also store updates to our home here!

The writing tag is where some of my poetry, published stories and writing I do for other websites can be found! Since I write in a few places, I wanted to share some other places you can find my work. I also store any self-care advice I create that has writing involved, like therapeutic journaling.


I can't be an expert on all topics, but thankfully I've been introduced to some amazing specialists who I am happy to celebrate and share with you to help you further your own spiritual and self-care journey. And no! These spots aren't paid for: these are real people that I REALLY like, and I think they could help you! From astrologers to intuitives, these are some of my fave people to go to for cool spiritual ideas. It's always a good idea to share some good things other people are doing. Check out these amazing babettes:


Lennon Mara is the brains behind this astrological prowess. Lennon is a visionary when it comes to understanding astrology and how it can shape and influence us. She caught my attention with the Retrograde Project, Lennon's alternative approach to Mercury Retrograde. So many of us panic when this little planet stalls, and the Retrograde Project helps us understand how this influence can be used for good and even push and propel us forward! Lennon's powerful Moon Guides are tailored to each sign and her approach is modern, whimsical, radical - and real. You'll love her information! She's changing the game in astrology and my go-to gal for insight. Check out her thorough instagram for a hot peek.


Monique Pantel is one of my favourite photographers - she even snapped some of the photos of me on this website! But Monique's work is different and you can see that through how she captures so many beautiful spirits through her lens. One of my favourite aspects of her work is her incredible use of crystals. Monique actually shoots through crystals to create an amazing affect on her images and to even infuse her portraits with crystal energy the same way a photograph can resonate reiki. I've seen her do it, and it's pretty beautiful. I'll be spilling the beans in an upcoming interview with Monique and I can't wait to give you more details about shooting through crystals and her journey as a spiritual photographer. From photographing amazing summer solstice weddings, to Parisian cityscapes, to charitable globetrotting, she's one of the best!


I was first introduced to Alli Kennedy, Ms Source and Sea, online - through the medium she absolutely slays: Periscope. I had no idea what Periscope was, and my cousin was like, "Yo, you'll dig this girl." And wow, was she right. Alli is a gifted intuitive with incredible healing abilities. She is my go-to gal for readings and wisdom. Her Periscope is still my all-time fave because it blazes her infectious humour and spiritual wisdom across the globe; SHE HAILS FROM HAWAII! Alli gives free readings through Periscope and they are incredibly on point, and super fun. She even spearheaded the Facebook Group, Periscope Healers, to connect the wide range of healers through Periscope, creating a giant spiritual force that is connected and supportive. Her "Peri-Train" series hosts a topic on Periscope and then has each scoper' "pass the scope" in a sort of hot-potato-esque vibe, introducing viewers to so many new spiritual people. Trailblazing, indeed.


Prairie Love Festival was founded by partners in crime, Rachelle Taylor - who you know I love - and bubbly Monique Pantel! With Monique moving into full-time photography, Rachelle has taken the reigns and grown this incredible festival to a weekend event, featuring a wide range of yoga masters, spiritual teachers and creative individuals. This festival is a spiritual and wellness oasis that brings together some amazing likeminded people who love yoga, health, mindfulness - oh you know, and crystals, and smudging and all the good things I talk about here. It brings people from all over the place, and is becoming a celebrated prairie festivity. Prairie Yogi is the community behind the festival, another movement that Rachelle Taylor spearheads, hosting amazing events, sharing deep wisdom, and helping teach large audiences all about self-care. And yes! I teach at this festival, too!