Twelve magical plants for your garden

One of the best ways to get grounded is to get your hands dirty. Literally. Gardening is a great way to connect yourself to the energy of the planet, encouraging daily mindfulness. And that doesn't mean we each need a sprawling garden in our backyard. Apartment-dwellers can have mini-little-herb-gardens, too, with just as much oomph.

While preparing Botanical Grimoire, I wanted to share some of the magical properties of some of my favourite plants and herbs to help you plan for your own garden. Amulets, protection pouches, even herbal remedies are all things our ancestors knew so much about, and even now in these modern times we still use some of these tried and true methods to help us in our daily lives. While you might be familiar with some of the medicinal properties of these plants, here are some otherworldly ones. Check out my favourite twelve magical plants for your garden:


Sage is a great purification herb, used commonly for smoke cleansing your home or work space. It removes negative energy from our systems and is a great stimulant for mental and emotional clarity. It's also great healing herb, particularly during times of grievance, making it a great addition to any meditation rituals you have. Note: All sage varieties are cleansing. White sage is overharvested and endangered.

Soulful tip: Burn sage. It's properties are enhanced when turned to smoke.


If your pockets are hungry be sure to plant this guy. It is king for attracting wealth. Keep a little basil plant in your office to help with career luck or place a couple leaves in a sachet to carry on you. It's a strong attractor in general, so if you're craving some lovin' then this guy is the plant for you. Conversely, if you're trying to attract a certain vibration or energy to your life or career, this would be a great choice.

Soulful tip: Did you have a fight with a pal? Give her a basil plant. Basil helps sooth miffed relationships.


There are many versions of mint, each bringing with it added bonuses. But mint as a whole is great for renewing energy, motivation and vitality. It's a fun little herb. In business, mint draws in potential new business with untapped customers and also provides great protection for the home when in and around your yard. So plant it everywhere, just be sure to isolate it in its own pot. Mint can take over your garden.

Soulful tip: Keep a satchel with dried mint in your bag when traveling to promote safe travels and protection.


Ginger lures in adventure to your life. Its lustre can make you more confident, sensual and motivated. It is said if you find a ginger root that looks like a human it is very lucky. Plant the whole root and watch it grow - and watch the personal thrill and excitement in your life take off, too!

Soulful tip: Ginger enhances other herbs. So to make sachets, intentions, etc, more potent - add ginger! Hmm... might be fun to add to your mint travel satchel!


Thyme is a diverse herb, so it's great for your tool belt. It can banish negative energies that have lurked into your home on a visitor (so plant/hang some near your front door) and it can even balance out an onslaught of scary dreams when tucked in a sachet under your pillow. It's great for enhancing psychic powers so if you're a beginner, plant tons of thyme! My favourite is to tie thyme together and hang it on the doorknobs in my home. It keeps negativity away, and keeps the place smelling fresh.

Soulful tip: Add thyme to your herbal bath infusion to attract an even current of money in your life. Just be regular about it so you can dodge those financial highs and lows!


This guy is great for love, protection, purity and even fertility. Plant a little creeper in the shade in front of your home to ward off any negative or unwanted visitors from your life. Let him grow out nice and long for enhanced strength. Climbing ivy is extra protective - you've seen it create a barrier surrounding the home along fences, right? And it's super easy to care for.

Soulful tip: Ivy is my favourite. It's a great gift for newlyweds because it encourages their love and gives the early stages of their relationship a little extra protection. Wedding season?


Who doesn't love a love plant? Lavender is a great attractor for bringing more men into your life, (it's not as strong for attracting women) and its soothing properties are no secret. You can even snag a romance bundle in the supply shop! Add lavender to sleep satchels or purification baths - bathing in lavender will help attract a great love to you. It used to be given to mothers entering childbirth to help encourage strength. Here are some of its amazing medicinal properties, too.

Soulful tip: Sleeping next to a little lavender plant will encourage restful sleeps - and help attract a potential romantic interest. Bonus points if there is a plant on both sides of the bed. That's good feng shui.


Lemon is a great cleanser and helps to remove blockages. Just like cleaning your counters with lemon scents smells fresh and tidy, it works double time in your spiritual life. Adding lemon to the soapy water you clean your floors with helps remove stagnant energy. It's great to use during your spring cleaning while you also sage your home. If you're into practical magic, lemon is your guy.

Medicinal tip: Keep lemon in a glass of water beside you while you sleep to help with personal blockages. Just be sure to toss the lemon and water out the next morning. 


Everyone has "a plant," you know, one that makes their heart sing. Mine are peonies. I need them in my life. They attract fairies into your garden, and these elementals can help your whole garden thrive. They protect your garden and your home. They bring good luck into all areas of your life and are particularly strong at bringing in business luck - so keep a little bouquet on your desk.

Soulful tip: There is an old theory that peonies should only be plucked at night to keep their spiritual and healing properties strong, so don't trim them when the sun is up! They are said to cure lunacy (maybe a gift for your mother-in-law?) - so there's obviously something fun happening with them and the moon.


Juniper sprigs and berries are both intense. The plant is a magnet for good health and for attracting good energy into your life, but it's also great for anti-theft. If you're entering a potentially dangerous situation, juniper is good to have on you in some way. It even wards off dangerous animals. Keep some in your pocket during your run through the forest.

Soulful tip: When grown in the front yard, juniper helps protect your home from pesky burglars!


Jasmine is an innovator. It helps its owner come up with new ideas or solutions and is particularly strong when placed in a satchel under the pillow. It encourages prophetic dreams and can help with lucid dreaming. With such a strong psychic connection, jasmine is said to attract a deep spiritual love with another person.

Soulful tip: Jasmine helps to charge up your clear quartz! Place your clear quartz in the dirt of a jasmine plant or on a bed of its petals before programming them for use.


Roses are the epitome of love attractors. They attract true, deep love, and even a soul mate. Magic-makers need roses in their lives. The petals have a wide array of uses, and are particularly good for making tinctures, elixirs and rosewater. And by having roses around your yard you're encouraging good relationships with your spirit guides! Check out this amazing wild rose and coconut sugar scrub DIY.

Chromotherapy tip: The colour of a rose matters. Pink roses are good for new relationships and red roses help existing relationships. Sounds like we need to learn about colour therapy.

There are so many plants to keep up with! These are some of my favourites, and there are even more in my eBook, the Botanical Grimoire. What are some of your favourite plants for the garden?