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The Tribe is getting an update

Vanessa KundermanComment

I just sent out my first newsletter that is kickstarting a new series for the Rogue Wood Tribe: the weekly newsletter, every Tuesday at 7AM central time - except I sent the first one on a Wednesday (today) because I had a little mom/son day with Hawksley yesterday that I wasn't willing to compromise.

I've got fun things planned for each week, including free graphics (remember when I used to do that?), a BONUS blog post that won't be on the main website, and more!

You guys are so good to me. You're supportive, funny, super into self-care, gardening, crystals -  even my lame jokes - and I'm really happy and grateful to have you here. So, aside from being worried for the longest time that I was going to inundate your inbox, I'm choosing to reward it.


To kick off the first week, I'll be offering a free download. This will most likely be a monthly graphic for your desktop or your phone. Why? Because when this all got started, I used to give away a lot of free desktop downloads. I've been a graphic designer for almost 10 years now (omg), and circumstance has led me down a stronger writing path in recent years. I so identify as a writer, and am grateful that I get to make a living doing what I love. But you know what? I love design! So I want to design magical stuff just for you. Here's what the Tribe got today! But I won't be sharing the bonus downloads in the future. ;)


Every week, you can look forward to a new crystal in the Stone Age feature (Mondays) and two additional posts on Wednesdays and Fridays. That's three posts per week of new content. But Tribe Members will receive a special bonus post straight to their inbox on the second week of the month. These topics will be expansive, just like everything I cover on the main site, but won't actually be posted on the main site. Sneaky! Cool.


Next up - demystifying spiritual trends or words. I had a financial column dedicated to demystifying financial trends for millennials and it launched me onto the path of breaking down cloudy and confusing ideas so they were simple and easy to understand. Like this website! This is a good area to email me if you have a question about something you've heard about, like yoni eggs, soul families, kundalini, psychic attack, etc. I'll try to cover a diverse assortment but will mostly answer any Qs that come in, mindful to explain spiritual ideas in a simple, easy-to-understand manner. Which is my jam, anyway. If you write me, you just might see your question in an upcoming newsletter!


Whatever items were trending in the supply shop over the month, they'll be offered at a discounted price for Tribe Members for the duration of the week. For whatever reason, if the shop is closed (like right now with the Canada Post strike) an alternative will be presented - AS IF THERE IS A STRIKE HAPPENING RIGHT NOW AND I JUST OPENED! I have some upcoming workshops and courses, and Tribe members will get a special discount, as an example. This will be your chance to shop and save! I looooove deals!

If there's ever a fifth week to the month - it's straight up, bonus content.

Cool! If you're into it, you can join the Tribe here to get in on all the action. And as always, you can email me about anything and I'll get back to you after a coffee and smoke bath. Or if you saw my instagram post about my bra-tastic yoga this morning, after therapeutic rituals like that.

PS: New Tribe members still get a free download of my Modern Medicine Manifesto!