Sweet Spirit Apothecary

I'm having a little crush moment on Sweet Spirit Apothecary and this unbelievable Green Goddess Antioxidant Face Tonic. I've been using it every day and night for a new ritual and the peppermint smell and tingle makes my skin feel so great. It wakes me up in the morning, and it makes me feel fresh and clean before bed. I'm constantly swiping it over my cheeks, forehead and chin. It's great for refining pores, reversing sun damage and general toning. Oh, and there are no icky chemicals inside like all those store-bought products that sit on the shelves for a year. Whoops!

I met creator, Demetra Penner, at Prairie Love Festival and got the true feel of this warm and fuzzy line and all the great products she carries. She's whimsical, a singer, and harvester with her manfriend (who also designs all the great images on her products, like the little madame on the Green Goddess bottle) resulting in her earth born products from Sweet Spirit Apothecary. You can buy her products here through messaging her, and peruse all the other great things she carries... like the Mystic Calm Meditation oil, made with palo santo and lavender.

Popular favourites are her Mermaid Hair Sea Salt Spray (I am obsessed with how she names her products) and Bright Eyes Under Eye Elixir. And rumour has it that her Forest Spirit Salt Soak was inspired by my eucalyptus obsession (found in this home apothecary post) when I created the Soothing Bath Soak!

Have a gander at everything she sells and see if you can start to carve out a more natural skincare routine to protect your skin for the long run. Our bodies absorb everything we put onto our skin so it's important to be mindful of what we're using. And we can always use a little more magic in our lives!