Stone Age: Seraphinite

Angel stones! Inspired by the crystals featured in my power kit, I wanted to do a mini series of angelic crystals for a few weeks and Seraphinite is angel crystal number two. Crystals with a strong connection to the Angelic Realm is where I began my spiritual journey, as I work closely with Archangel Gabriel and am very inspired by angelology and angelic folklore. So they hold a special place for me. I encourage you to use them as their energy is really quite different from other gemstones and can be hard to explain unless you are familiar with it. Check out Seraphinite below:


This is a fantastic angelic stone. When used in meditation, it encourages contact with the angels. It has a strong healing vibration, be that physical, emotional and mental. As your vibration begins to recognize Seraphinite's vibration through continued use, you may find it easier to connect and communicate with higher beings. This crystal can help transform how you treat others, helping you to exude kindness and compassion. It improves your abilities with clairaudience and clairvoyance, and can strengthen your natural psychic abilities. Activating this stone to its fullest potential works best when it is worn or carried for prolonged periods of time. It will also facilitate contact with the devic realms (fairies and elementals, my friends), encouraging its owner to better care for the Earth's belly.


This wispy green stone actually looks like there are feathery angel wings trapped inside. Seraphinite always has white tendrils coursing throughout its dark green, jade-like colour. They look like waterfalls in the picture of mine above. Seraphinite has varying shades of green, but the wisps of white are the big identifier. It is said that the more feathery strokes of white through the crystal, the stronger its vibration is connected to the Angelic Realm.


Seraphinite is named after an order of angels, the Seraphim, because its connection to them is so strong. These angels are said to sit at the throne of god.

Stone Age showcases one new gemstone per week. Since there is a lot to know about crystals, I only cover the high points I find interesting. If you're curious about a certain stone, leave a comment below and I'll be sure to feature it. What's your favourite angel stone?