Stone Age: Blue Lace Agate

For the final angel stone this month, it felt appropriate to close with the gentle energies of Blue Lace Agate, a calming, periwinkle stone great for minimizing anxiety and stress. A true miracle stone, if you're looking for one crystal to comfort you through a trying time or to initiate change if you're feeling low, pummelled or defeated, seek out Blue Lace Agate for a gentle helping hand. It's a great stone for new moms! I hope you've enjoyed angel stone month. Read below for more on Blue Lace Agate:


If you're feeling beaten and are having a sense of hopelessness, Blue Lace Agate is an incredibly supportive stone. It is an uplifting crystal that gently transmutes dis-ease. If you're finding you're having trouble being heard by your peers or loved ones, Blue Lace Agate can reopen the lines of communication so others are hearing your true feelings. It will also give you the gentle nudge of encouragement you need to actually voice what you need to say, because the reason no one is listening to you might be because you aren't articulating yourself effectively. It's strong communication abilities are also heard by the angelic realm. Though this crystal isn't a protective stone, it can be used to ask angels for added protection. If used in meditation to connect to the angelic realm, this crystal can aid in improving spiritual capabilities. It harmonizes yin and yang energy and can greatly assist you in feeling balanced. It promotes inner stability and can help diffuse anxiety.


This stripy bluish stone often has purple notes, giving it a periwinkle hue. It has waves of white strands throughout its body and sometimes varying colours, though the crystal is predominantly a soft blue.


It has been said that if times are dire and a miracle is needed, the crystal to call upon is Blue Lace Agate. Thanks to its angelic attunement, your message of help and despair is sent directly to the order of angels.

Stone Age showcases one new gemstone per week. Since there is a lot to know about crystals, I only cover the high points I find interesting. If you're curious about a certain stone, leave a comment below and I'll be sure to feature it. Are you familiar with Blue Lace Agate?