5 Ways to Celebrate the Spring Equinox as a Family

The Spring Equinox marks the day where neither the North and South poles are tilted towards the sun. This means night and day are the exact same length and, from this point on, we’ll have more light than dark. With more sunshine comes the melting of winter and the start of new growth. Spring brings us out of hibernation. Months of introspection and diligent work crescendo and we get, what feels like, a fresh start. The light and warmth encourages us to leave our cocoons. To spread our wings.

My first baby was born in spring, and my second is also due this spring. For my first, there was still snow on the ground and bare branches when I went in to the hospital to give birth. When they wheeled me out, holding my new baby, I felt an indescribable connection nature seeing green grass and budding trees. We had decided to give our daughter the middle name “Day” months before, but it was in that moment that it really felt like it was hers. It seemed so fitting that the season that represents new life and renewal showed up just as she did.

Becoming a mother has put an importance on creating family traditions and, especially with two springs babes, I wanted to find ways to celebrate the Spring Equinox together.


We decorate our house at Christmas, so why not do the same when the available ingredients are even more beautiful? Celebrate the change of seasons by decorating with greenery and flowers. Let your kid try their hand at floral arrangements with some loose blooms and an empty vase. Or, do spring-inspired art! Sitting down as a family to decorate eggs, paint together, or make flowers out of construction paper are all great ways to commemorate this new season. Bringing in tons of colour to your space will make it feel like you opened up your front door and let spring right in.


Spring means hibernation season is over; get outside! Our long, harsh prairie winters mean we are in the habit of being indoors. And watching lots of TV. So, getting outside, moving our bodies, and breathing fresh air is the perfect way to ring in this new season. Go on a family walk. Walk, use public transit, or bike together to get the kids to school. Have a picnic. Just set some time aside to intentionally be outside.


In winter, you likely went deep within yourself and spent a lot more time in introspection. Now it’s time to let that bring real, tangible change to your life. Spring means growth, so use this equinox to set some goals together as a family. Sit down together and talk about the dreams you have for yourself this year. You can make this an activity by creating a vision board together. Pinning pictures or drawing yourselves doing something you’re aspiring to. You can write down the things your kids say or prompt them by asking them questions like “What do you want to do more of or less of?”, “What’s something you want to learn or do?”, or “What did you learn about yourself this winter?”


Celebrate more sunlight by rising with the sun. As a parent, it’s likely that that you already do this, so, instead of getting caught up in morning routine, make it something special. Settle in with a cup of coffee and purposefully notice your home go from dark to light; watch the sun “wake up” and get your kids to notice the colours as it rises. Or, maybe the spring equinox is your perfect excuse to have an early bedtime and you should just head to bed when the sun does!


Purging and cleaning are tasks most of us associate with spring. But, why not get everyone in on it and make it a family tradition? Give your kids a broom and tell them they’re celebrating spring --- maybe they’ll go for it. Everyone gets a job and feel the nesting vibes as a family. Open the windows, cleanse your space with burning herbs, and make room for a fresh start together.

Meghan Zahari, contributor on Rogue Wood Supply

Meghan Zahari is a published writer and creator of Willow Press, an indie publisher for creative projects that don’t fit within the traditional publishing route. On top of meeting her creative goals, she juggles her responsibilities as a mother and part-owner of a local donut shop. Her first book, Domestic, is available at McNally Robinson’s or online at www.willowpressco.com.