How to make a super basic crystal grid

Crystal gridwork is great for giving your personal space added protection and power. They're even great to place on yourself or a friend to rebalance your chakras, to complement meditation, or to place on your personal altar. And while there are so many grids to make, I want to share one really easy-peasy one. Check out this easy step-by-step guide to help you get started:


Crystal grids are placements of crystals with the intention to strengthen the crystal's powers and purpose - and yours! Crystals help to hold energy, so a collection of crystals strategically placed are more impactful than a solo crystal. A grid will take on its own energy, supercharging your space. Their crystalline properties interact with one another when placed in a group, giving off enhanced energies. The grouping or "grid" directs the energy and intention to a specific goal, giving it a little boost. Here is a more in-depth look at how gridwork can help you.


• Four pieces of clear quartz
• Four pieces of black tourmaline

NOTE: You can find both of these crystals in our Supply Shoppe if you're unsure of where to track them down. They are affordable and really easy to work with.


Make sure your crystals are properly cleansed and charged. Charge your clear quartz by holding it between your two palms and focusing on the energy you wish to fill your crystal with, such as protection or abundance. Visualize the crystals filling up with warm good energy - I always visualize the crystals filling up until their tips turn pink. It helps!


1. Place four piece of black tourmaline in the four corners of your home. Black stones absorb negative energy. As most of our homes aren't a perfect square, try your best to get the crystals in four separate corners. These stones will send out an invisible link to one another, forming a protective barrier around your space. If your home has more than one level, do this on the base/main level. You do not need to grid your garage or basement.

Note: You can also do this in one specific room.

2. Place an intent-charged clear quartz crystal in front of each piece of black tourmaline. Place the crystal's point in front of the black tourmaline, so it is pointing into the black stone. This pulls the negative energy out of your space, and traps it within the protective black stone.

3. If there are any other properties you would like to add to your home, say enhancing romance to work on a relationship (rose quartz, pink aventurine, rhodonite, mangano calcite) or if you want your space to help yo unblock creativity and release personal power (tiger's eye), or if you want to draw wealth, prosperity and abundance to yourself (citrine), you can add four of the same stone to each corner, placing it in front of a secondary piece of clear quartz. Place the point of this secondary piece of clear quartz pointing into the stone, to shoot the stone's properties into the home.

There are many ways to grid your crystals and many different crystals that can be used. While you're building up your crystal knowledge, it helps to get familiar with which crystals are good for specific intentions. You can get the scoop in our Crystal Directory. Adding stones that have specific properties that match your intention will strengthen your grid. What type of crystal grid would you like to see?