How Numerology can help you name your baby

The name our parents give us is so important. It holds a vibration that we carry for the rest of our lives. Errrm, no pressure mom and dad. Agreeing on a baby name can be one of the biggest debates you and your significant other ever run into - it's a major decision. And since Derek and I luckily had no qualms about agreeing on a baby name for our little guy, him totally understanding my need to have the "A" vowel present, I wanted to tell you about a particular piece of wisdom I learned that might help you in deciding on a name for your little one. Whether you've dabbled with calculating your life path or destiny number, I wanted to share some numerology information I learned years ago from a unique reader I met to help you name your future bébé. Check it out:


Numerology is a practice that studies the significance of numbers. It is a complicated and diverse study with multiple components and is often called an "occult" study. How many of us always spot 11:11 on the clock? Or see licence plates in 222? Numbers have significance, and numerology attempts to put some meaning behind them. The numbers in question are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11,  and 22 - 11 and 22 being master numbers. The master numbers are amplified versions of their singular versions. Aside from spotting numbers around us or having an auspicious house number for good feng shui, our names and birthdates can be reduced to a single number through a calculation, telling us more about who we are as a person. Let's be real: human beings are narcissistic creatures and we love learning about ourselves. But learning about ourselves can help us to be better versions of who we are, and take us leaps and bounds in the realms of self-discovery which leads to inner peace. Use the table below to calculate the number a baby name equals to - or even your name, 'cause I know you will do it anyway. Use your FULL birth name - the one on your birth certificate if you're calculating your own - and if you're thinking of including a middle name for your little one, be sure to add that to the calculation.


Add each letter together in each of your names. Calculate your first name as one number, your middle name a second number, and your last name as a third number. Reduce these numbers until they are one number (unless you get a master number). Continue this way with each of your names, and then add those totals together.

V+A+N+E+S+S+A = 4+1+5+5+1+1+1= 18, 1+8 = 9
R+A+E = 9+1+5 = 15, 1+5 = 6
K+U+N+D+E+R+M+A+N = 2+3+5+4+5+9+4+1+5 = 38, 3+8= 11 (don't reduce master number)
9+6+11 = 26, 2+6= DESTINY NUMBER 8.



Ambitious and highly motivated. Risk taker. Often possess a driven, controlled energy, and can be very open to trying new ideas until the desired outcome is reached. Not faint of heart. Can be a bit aggressive or stubborn.


Sensitive and gentle. Caring energy. Unpretentious and open to new ideas. Not judgmental. Prone to saying "I feel" instead of "I think" when speaking. Can be a little fragile and vulnerable.


Creative and fun-loving. Easy-going with a great sense of humour. Easy to get along with and friendly. Can be unfocused, flighty and afraid of commitment.


Very reliable. Strong and steady. Fond of routine and practicality. Often admirably organized. Can be too serious and close-minded or dull.


Change maker. Often inspiring with a clever wit. Naturally curious and hungry for knowledge. Lives in the moment. Can be easily bored, or struggle with overindulgence. 


Romantic and passionate. Balanced and sensual. Often in a profession that helps others. Very kind and caring. Warm energy. Can be overprotective or even smothering.


Mysterious. Secretive. Often wise and spiritual. Like to challenge mainstream mindsets, and can be a bit of a dreamer. Can be neurotic and sometimes cynical.


Very focused. Ambitious. Confident, natural leader. Often possess a strong drive for financial success and attainment. Smart in business. Can be demanding and selfish.


Visionary. Very giving. Ooze charm and charisma. Often self-sacrificing for the betterment of others. Can be self-righteous and proud.


Possess number two qualities, amplified! Often psychic, sensitive and generators of big ideas. Can be very vulnerable or taken advantage of.


Possess number four qualities, amplified! Also carrying number eleven properties. Very creative, inspiring and hardworking. Can have a hard time staying grounded and humble.


Remember that reader I told you about? She cared immensely about the first vowel in my name. A. The strong resounding A. She said that the first vowel in a name matters so much that had she known when she was naming her children, she would have chose a different name for them or spelled their names differently. Since vowels connect the consonants in our name, they hold a special vibration and that vibration can be broken down into qualities that the person in question then carries with them. If you have a pair of vowels side by side, like Guillaume (UI) or Paige (AI), the two vowels blend off each other. Think of the first vowel in the name of a couple of your friends to test her theory out:


A's are bold leaders. They don't shy away from the spotlight and often find it easy to influence a crowd or group of people. They can be well-liked or rub people the wrong way, but one thing is for sure - they have a very strong presence and are often "type A" personalities. Most importantly, they don't let people push them around. As they age, they can definitely take care of themselves and are often happy to do so.


E's are a gentler vibration than the bold A. Often "type B" personalities, E's don't need to be in the spotlight. They may be shy, or confident enough that they don't need the extra attention and are just as happy letting someone else have all the attention - like a dancing, twirling little A. They often don't take life too seriously and can let things roll off their shoulders. Sometimes, E's can be taken advantage of if they're not careful.


I's! These guys love drama. Everything is a little more extreme with an I person. That could mean more fun, bigger laughs, wilder times, or it could mean more fighting, more stress or fiery outbursts. These guys sometimes have tempers or are just prone to crying when they're upset. But they definitely know how to have a good time. Emotions are often cranked up in every direction for I people and they can be a little obsessive - but their lives are never boring.


O's are the creative ones in the pack of vowels. Where the other vowels might be creative, O's have this gift effortlessly and often view the world a little bit differently than everyone else. While they are often creative on multiple levels, they usually thrive in one area - they just need to find it, whether that is songwriting, styling hair or dominating on the dance floor. They can be easy to like, or find many jealous of them - but that's because creative endeavours come to them a little more effortlessly than most.


U's are the wildcard. They usually have an air of mystery around them, though that can dissolve when you get to know them, divulging some of their quirky, dorky but totally charming behaviour. They often attract admirers because of this. If you fall for a U, you fall hard. They can be silly and aren't afraid of being silly, even though they may be a little worried about how they are presenting themselves to the world. While they can be confident, they aren't quite as "look at me" as the A's and not quite as passive as the E's. They're somewhere in the middle.

Naming a baby is a tough an intimidating challenge. And numerology is a vast subject. There are many numbers you can calculate to learn more about yourself or to get a peak inside what your baby could grow to be! I encourage you to explore numerology and see all the things you can discover about yourself and your family. What is your Destiny Number?