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Crystals in the walls of a new build

Crystals in the walls of a new build

I'm often asked about using crystals in the home, but more specifically, about using them as part of the construction process - like dropping a couple lucky stones into the foundation of the walls/basement. How cool does it sound to place them right in the wall; safe, tucked away, infusing your home with all kinds of energies depending on the stones you choose?

I've even heard some Feng Shui professionals recommend doing this to infuse the crystal's energy right into the core of the home, and placing the stones strategically within the walls or the concrete when the home's basement or foundation is first poured. It's like your home is part crystal. Cool! This helps magnify some parts of the Bagua, or home grid/corners within Feng Shui principals.

While cool in theory...


Ahh! Bummer, I know - but hear me out: my biggest concern is the crystal's energy going stale. When crystals are "active" and we are using them a lot (or even constantly) they need to be energetically cleansed to keep them in tip top condition. Just like how you take a shower or nap to put your best self forward.

You need to recharge.
Clean yourself up.

When a crystal is placed in a grid formation within the home, it is "active" and doing a job. It's working!

Depending on the stone you select, you may have chosen a stone like Onyx, Black Tourmaline or Obsidian, with the intention to protect your home and create a safe space. But these stones also absorb negative energy. If they're absorbing and absorbing and absorbing, they'll need to be cleansed.

All that negative energy needs to go somewhere.

Imagine these crystals absorbing so much energy, that they become... "full" (for lack of a better word) or they grow stale. They will not be working to their highest potential because they need to be cleansed and reset to continue helping you out.

Crystals need to be cleansed after regular use in order to work at maximum capacity. Energy is a strange elusive thing, and even the walls in our home have the ability to hang onto energy. Imagine how amplified that would be if a crystal is within the wall.

Now imagine a stale, groggy, clogged crystal, gone energetically mogey and sour - just hanging out in the walls of your home...

That's not something I'd want hanging out in my walls.

It's totally acceptable to place your stones in front of the wall rather than within, or design your walls in a way through the construction process that allows you to have cool cut outs or feature walls where you can display gorgeous crystals with pride. You can still incorporate crystals in the design process, but making them permanent without access to cleansing them makes me a little skeptical and unsure.


Well, if there's a will - there's a way! If you're really adamant about putting stones in your walls, I'd recommend keeping a cleansing stone within the wall with your stones. 

Carnelian keeps the stones it is with energetically clean. Even though I still like to periodically cleanse my Carnelian as part of my crystal cleansing rituals, it doesn't necessarily need it. If Carnelian is kept within the wall with the stones you've placed there, those stones are energetically safer and cleaner. It will also do double duty in infusing your home with positivity.

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