A little product crush

I've mentioned I can be a little product obsessed, right? I blame growing up in hair salons. So let's talk about Essential Haircare by Davines while I can still smell it on my tresses. It's not often you get such hearty background on a product, so I want to share this one with you so you can make informed purchases.


Born in Italy, this line is incredibly eco-conscious. As part of the LifeGate Zero Impact Project, the emissions from production are offset by funding and protecting forests in Madagascar. And the products are manufactured using only energy from renewable resources. Their packages are made using food-grade plastic - something you just don't see in the haircare world - and can actually be reused to store your left over chilli or sage clippings. The actual product is made with active ingredients from farms in Italy to contribute to the protection of biodiversity on our big hearty planet. Though the items are sulfate and paraben-free, you're not compromising on quality. The shampoo and conditioner I used today are creamy and luxurious - and they smell great.

If that wasn't cool enough, each haircare family in this line - momo/moisturizing, minu/illuminating, volu/volumizing, etc - has an active ingredient that showcases the story, face and name of the person who grew it.


I don't know about you, but I'm all for trying new products - and I'll even hunt down organic or natural lines, or a line with a small footprint but they often leave me disappointed. I'll be ripping through my hair, trying to detangle what my eco-conditioner didn't do, and I just end up defaulting back to what works for my hair. But I was pleasantly surprised with how silky this line made my hair feel and how good it smelled. It wasn't too perfumey, but I do like the scent to linger which it did. It's not overpowering. It actually smells like I could eat it, though it hardly smells fruity or anything like that. It just smells real. And the conditioner is thick and creamy - definitely getting the knots out.


Trust me, I get it. Everyone's hair is different. I used to have tons of hair - thick, long and black. And after having chemotherapy, my hair came in thin, sparse and delicate. I needed to totally relearn what worked for my hair. I've heard this can happen after childbirth too, as hormones play a huge role in the state of our hair. I still envy all those full-bodied manes I see, even if they are oily-prone. One product won't work for everyone, and you actually should use a shampoo and conditioner that is targeted to your hair type to properly nourish and protect your hair. I used the illuminating shampoo, minu, since I have old colour on my ends right now and still wanted something to make my otherwise mousey colour pop. So here is a break down of the different lines available:

This is good to brighten your hair while using something gentle enough for colour-treated hair. It's protective.

If you need extra body in your hair like this girl, this shampoo is rich in proteins and carbs from the Vitamin C in tomato pulp. Body is not volume, but it helps give your hair that luxurious natural movement.

If your hair is parched this is the shampoo/conditioner duo you want. Dehydrated hair needs to be replenished and this line is rich in mineral salts and vitamins to do just that.

This is obviously good for delicate hair - think me right after chemo - or if your hair naturally breaks a lot. It's gentle enough for daily use and has a remineralizing effect on the hair. This line leaves your hair feeling light, not weighing it down.

love curl/wavy hair
People with wavy hair often use the wrong products and they can weigh their hair down too much. You still need volume, just light volume. Love curl is packed with proteins and vitamins helping the elasticity in wavy hair.

love smoothing/frizzy unruly hair
Annnd sometimes you just can't hack it and you need to straighten that mop. This would be the line to use, gently cleansing with fatty acids that soften the hair, making it ideal for straightening.

solu/all hair types
This refreshing line is a deep cleanser, something we all need to do sometimes, but not every day. It removes residue left from the abundance of products we use like gel, hairspray, mousse or pomade. Don't forget to deep clean, otherwise all the buildup can weigh your hair down. This is like, the main thing I learned growing up in salons.

melu/long damaged hair
As someone who is growing her hair out and is no stranger to strands that kiss the top of her bum, it's hard to find a good shampoo for long hair. Long hair is "old hair" and it often needs to be nourished and repaired. Melu prevents breakage and promotes shine with serine and glutammic acid - but it's still light and won't weigh down those extra long tresses.

volu/fine or limp hair
Hellooooo! Sister needs some volume! The trick to volumizing shampoos and conditioners is that they need to be light so they don't weight down the hair follicle. The extra vitamins in this line pump up the follicle to give you extra voluuuuume so you can style that head of yours like no body's business.