Happy Women's Day! Nine rad entrepreneurs you need to know

Happy International Women's Day! Some countries celebrate this day as a national holiday, giving employed women a reprieve from their work life. But there are some women out there who never stop working, not even if her native country declares that she should. 

Currently, my laptop is sitting in its go-to position on my lap, an Apple logo nearly imprinted on my leg. My son is weaved against me like the most intricate little scarf, and he's holding my iPhone, waiting for Paw Patrol to load on our shitty, country internet. He's not usually allowed on our phones, but I'm desperate to keep him quiet while we wait for dad to get milk in town, and I plug away at some of the things overdue on my list.

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The one potent natural ingredient your DIY beauty rituals need

Honey's texture seems to promote mindfulness and awareness through the eating experience. The whipped, creamy textures were - by far - a favourite of mine. Something about the texture was even a bit sensual. And while many of us use a dollop in our tea or spread a tablespoon on fresh toast, honey's benefits extend much further than being a mindful natural sweetener full of vitamins and enzymes.

Look out, coconut oil. ;)

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