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Five plants to keep you company in the bedroom

The bedroom is meant for one thing - well, maybe two - and treating our bedroom as a sacred space that we can retreat to each day is something we are totally obsessed with at RW. At the end of every day, we retreat to our bedrooms to recharge our bodies. It is the main space in the home dedicated to sleep and sex, and it should be treated as a sacred environment.

In case your pad is feeling a little less than fabulous, I wanted to share five super easy ways that you can use crystals to supercharge your home's vibe. I'm talking, pumping up the romance in your bedroom, attracting wealth and abundance in your home office and even protecting your space from negativity. And it's as simple as placing a pretty stone down in specific areas to draw these amazing things to you.

Your home is one of the strongest and biggest holders of your energy. Typically, you spend most of your time there, and you definitely spend the most of your vulnerable recharging time there when you're asleep in your room. That makes it a big target for an enemy, psychic vampire - or jealous pal - to send bad vibes your way. 

Kitchens are stressful. They always seem to be the messiest space in the house, and they always have bustling energy coursing throughout, especially with many kitchen's being the heart of the home. They almost always having competing fire and water energy (sink and stove/oven) and can very easily feel overwhelming.

The bedroom is a place for rest and restoration, but it's also the domain for romance, sex and intimacy. Sometimes, without realizing, we may be creating a bedroom environment that does not invite new romance, or could potentially fizzle an existing one. Whether you're looking to attract someone new, or rekindle an existing flame, reevaluating your bedroom space can help improve your romantic life.

Crystals are fortresses in our personal self-care rituals, but they also do double duty as little houseworkers, busy at keeping sparkly energy moving through our homes. It's no secret that I am wild for strong and healthy vibes in the home. And one of my favourite ways to keep my home's spirit happy and healthy is with carefully placed crystals. 

I get it. You work hard, you probably play hard - maybe not as hard as you used to - but you're mostly too tired to get everything done. You want a place to retreat to, and not feel like there is always something "to do" at home. Homes can be exhausting, but when they're cozy, lit right, inviting and warm, they are the haven that we need them to be. It's kind of strange that we lock ourselves inside a big box every night and feel safe in this act, so it's important for that box to feel like a kingdom and not a cage.