7 Day Self-care Challenge

I love challenges. Reaching the final day makes me feel like I'm killin' it, Beyonce-style. Whether it's a yoga challenge, a minimalism challenge - a Konmari challenge; I'm into it. 

I wanted to create a self-care challenge, because it's the best of both worlds. It keeps you accountable/mindful/living with intention, and it's self-care! The thing spiritual beings are the most starved for!

Seven days is a wonderful starting point, but you don't need to quit there. If you find yourself going with the flow - then keep going. Write out a seven-day, fourteen-day or 21-day challenge that you can fill in yourself! If you need more ideas, check out some of my faves:


• Book a massage
• Visit an animal shelter and play with some puppies or kittens - or babies in general
• Buy yourself a fresh bouquet
• Netflix and chill
• Go bra-less
• Tend to or start yourself an herb garden
• Give yourself a tarot reading
• Invite someone for lunch
• Read a new book
• Find yourself a new crystal
• Paint your toenails a bright colour
• Change your bedding and take a nap
• Give yourself a therapeutic smoke bath with dried herbs
• Clean and change up your personal altar
• Learn something new that you've always wanted to try

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