My top six favourite ways to use my crystals

People often say to me, "I'm so drawn to crystals... but what do I actually do with them?" And I think this is a totally normal thing to wonder. So many of us are drawn to a crystal's magic - but we have no clue why!

What's important is that you were drawn to a particular crystal in the first place. After a bit of research on the crystal that caught your eye, there is often that "ah-ha" moment because the crystal's characteristics usually help you in an area you've been struggling.

If you're looking for inspiration on different ways to use your crystals, check out my favourite ways to use mine! And don't forget to tell me about how you're using the ones in your personal collection. Your crystal stories inspire me, too!



My very first crystals were a tiny pair of sapphire earrings. I'm a September baby, and my mom had pierced my ears with a pair of blue studs that were my birthstone. I remember thinking I had the best birthstone because I felt so great when I wore those earrings. I felt like a little princess. But my first experience actually buying a crystal, was a black onyx pendant during my first month of chemotherapy as a sick teenager.

And it was a rather transformative experience for me, as you can imagine.

Wearing crystals as jewellery is a great way to actively use the energy of ONE crystal. Many people stuff crystals in their pockets, but there wasn't any mindful ritual that went into deciding what stones would actually be good to work with. What I like about jewellery is that it is often set alone or with one or two other stones. It's easier to reflect on how my day went when I wear that single crystal.

Now as an adult, I wear a Herkimer diamond ring, and a pair of Herkimer earrings - almost regularly - because it is my Power Stone. I am able to put my best foot forward, feel more confident, and handle what I need to for the day. My Herkimers give me strength as my Power Stone.

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I keep a lot of tension in my face. I gnaw the inside of my cheek, chew on pens when I think, and frown when I concentrate. My third eye can get a little clogged when I become too obsessive with busy work and too many responsibilities. I'm a perfectionist, and a busy body. I LOVE my orbital bone meditation to help release tension, unblock my third eye, and feel more connected to my spirit, emotions and body. When I use healing crystals, I find I meditate more frequently and thoroughly. It's almost as if I don't have time to "just" meditate (even though it's only 10 minutes), but when I include my crystals in the experience, I really enjoy it. More importantly, I look forward to the me-time.

I place obsidian in the centre of my forehead on my third eye, to unblock it and promote healing. Then I place two pieces of tumbled rose quartz on my orbital bones - just below each eye, but above the cheek bone - to radiate healing and love into my body. Lastly, I place lepidolite in the hollow where my clavicles meet, to help me express myself and speak my truth in order to find balance again.

This four-corner quadrant placement is a mini crystal grid, helping to amplify each crystal's energy to more strongly influence my own energy system.

When I feel the weight of the stones on my face, I am reminded of the sensation of having Reiki. The weight on my skin helps me focus, and helps me dial into the energy of each crystal, and dial into what the heck is going on with me. After, I feel opened up and more aware.

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Every now and again, I move things around in my room to change up the energy. When I fall victim to the overly busy energy I was telling you about, I notice a big impact on my sex life and the romantic and intimate energy of my relationship.

When sex and romance starts waning, I give my bedroom a gooooooood cleanse, and place a large piece of rose quartz in my bedroom's love sector. The love sector in your bedroom is the back right corner of the room. Standing in your doorway, facing into the room, locate the back right corner. What is hanging out there? Is your bed there? A closet door? A chair? A dresser or night table? Take stock and evaluate the area.

In my bedroom, there is nothing in the love sector because I have sliding doors that lead outside. I typically leave the space open so I can walk where I need to. But in front of it is my main dresser. Placing a piece of RQ here helps activate the love sector in my bedroom, helping to turn up the heat, promote lasting love, and encourage intimacy. I could also put a shelf on the wall, and set up a little area that promotes love, such as including a crystal, maybe a photo of me and my spouse, or other trinkets that remind me of love.

Try to look at your own space and see if you can make room for a love stone in your love sector to ramp up the romance, whether you're single or coupled.

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While not all crystals are safe to submerge in water, a few are - and they can enhance the entire matrix in your bath water to surround you in amplified crystal energy. I love having a crystal bath on a new moon. A therapeutic bath ritual fits in nicely with the new moon's sleepy, low-key energy.

Think new beginnings on the new moon. This is the moon phase in the lunar cycle when you want to initiate new ideas. It's not a time to party or be wild (that's more in line with the full moon), rather, making space for yourself to reconnect to your spirit, emotions and body. Give yourself space to be mindful, and think about what you want for yourself.

We don't have high levels of energy on the new moon, and a lot of us feel tired when the moon is in this phase. It's a great personal ritual to dedicate some space and quiet time with a crystal bath. But don't just toss any crystal in your bathwater. Some crystals will disintegrate, become damaged, or even make your bath water toxic. The Quartz Family is usually a pretty safe route when you're in doubt, and tumbled stones are almost always a safer choice. If you're unsure, use tumbles varieties of the stones below:

TUMBLED Crystals that are safe for the tub:

- Quartz: for a healing bath and to set intentions
- Rose Quartz: to encourage romantic love or self-love
- Amethyst: to reduce stress and anxiety
- Citrine: to promote wealth, prosperity and abundance

Avoid submerging the gypsum and calcite family all together.

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This may be surprising, but I am a big fan of working with only one crystal at a time. Many new crystal collectors fill their pockets with crystals, but this encourages competing energy and you may not notice the effects of crystal healing. It's more effective to choose one or two stones and work closely with it for a set amount of time.

For example, if you reach for your crystal collection, grab six stones and tuck 'em in your pocket, those six stones may not all be compatible. Maybe you grabbed a moonstone, for calm feminine energy. Maybe you grabbed a pyrite - 'cause it was sparkly (Pyrite energy is very motivational and bold; it helps you manifest your desires). And then obsidian, duh, to remove those negative vibes and protect you - Oh, and you'll definitely need a love stone because romance. Carnelian to keep the stones all clean. And celestite because you've been feeling stressed lately.

There's a lot going on there.

But a lot of people use crystals this way. More is definitely not more when it comes to crystals.

Choose your crystal mindfully. Start with one, and use that guy for at least a week. See how you feel after. Crystals are amulets that can help transform our lives, but for most - the results aren't instantaneous. 

I choose my crystal to work with based on what I feel drawn to. I often share my "crystal of the moment" on instagram. I had an intense phase with opalite, and a loooong phase with halite. Let yourself crave a crystal and work with just that one for a little bit.

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Truth be told, I had an IUD in for the first two years after my son was born, and I felt disconnected to my femininity. I didn't have a period at all. I felt out of whack inside, and out of sync with my body. Using crystals during your monthly shedding cycle can help with some of the aches and pains of menstruation, but they can also help you really dial in to your feminine energy.

Girl. Your period is so fucking magical. Your intuition sores. Your body sheds and heals. It's amazing.

Your time of the month is a great reminder to reach for a crystal - one crystal! - and keep it on you for the course of your period. Sometimes I choose a stone for the type of pain I'm feeling, sometimes I pick one based on what I'm craving, and sometimes I close my eyes and let the Universe decide (which is always enlightening because the crystal I choose helps me on an even deeper level).

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Do you have a special way you use your crystals? I'd love to hear about it! Tell me your best crystal rituals in the comments below.