Hello, my name is
Vanessa Kunderman.

What story did you start telling yourself?
That you’re a wife or somebody’s girlfriend? That you’re just a mother? Maybe a dog lover? taco enthusiast? astrology-lover?

I'm always fascinated with which words we choose to identify with; how we describe our lead character. How do we decide what makes the cut in our identity... or what's worthy to include on our social media bios?

How we identify is important because it holds the key to unlocking our divine purpose. I create content to help you do that.

This website is for the curious, modern mystical woman. You, the person craving self-understanding, while exploring some of the cool altruistic synchronicities of life.

The truth is, you’re not your job. You’re not your role in your family. And even though we can identify GREATLY with these things, they are not our identity. I'm always telling people that I'm a "writer by trade," because most of my days are spent writing for magazines, fleshing out a column, or working on a piece of fiction. But under that idea, I'm a lot of things. I'm a college and university instructor, a mother, a cancer survivor, a crystal reader - someone always ready to decipher your Moon Sign with you...

But are these things my identity?

If you had to describe yourself without all your “stuff” - what would you say? I’d say I’m passionate. I love motivating others. I get bored quickly. I often vouch for the underdog, or at least another perspective. I’m curious. Inquisitive. Hardworking. I also happen to express these things through writing, designing, teaching, and my journey through motherhood and being a cancer survivor.

Undoing the stories we tell ourselves, or the stories we’ve adopted because someone else made us feel like we should, is at the foundation of an idea I’m percolating over within this website: Narrative Healing. And there are specific tools I use and talk about to help us each understand who our soul is, not the details our human life put on us. You can find those details on these digital pages.

I'm Vanessa: Libra/Aries. Manifestor in Human Design. Millennial. Storyteller.