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My name is Vanessa. I'm a writer, graphic designer, university instructor, and intuitive. As a professional storyteller, I believe it is so important to focus on our own stories, rather than putting our energy in a story that belongs to someone else. Like the person we think our parents want us to be; the person our spouses want us to be, and even the person we used to think we wanted to be.

I'm a writer, a mother, and a cancer survivor.

And those are huge influences in my own personal story.  I grew up in the Canadian Prairies; a big, blue sky, endless horizon, frigid-winter-type of place, that brews some pretty beautiful places and creative people. There is an amazing creative community in this neck of the woods, and most of us believe since it gets so cold here, we all hole up indoors for a few months of the year and are forced to create these really interesting things - like music, stories, goods, and food.

I studied Creative Communications in college, a program specializing in journalism, advertising, public relations, and broadcasting. My career began in magazine as an art director, and spread through the communications field, largely in journalism, fiction and social media. I did spend five years working in finance, but I maintained a financial column in a local newspaper, and published fiction to keep my hand in writing. I often wondered how I found myself working in business, but I now know it was an imperative lesson in my personal story, especially in becoming an entrepreneur.

In my experience, I have found that so many of us in creative and communications roles for careers, have a very strong spiritual and intuitive curiosity. Perhaps, once upon a time, we all came from the same place.

I began Rogue Wood Supply in 2015, and it quickly grew into a large crystal directory, and a resource full of intuitive, crystal, botanical and moon wisdom. It attracts 50,000 unique visitors each month, and has a solid, growing newsletter crew full of some special VIPs.


Download my e-book, STONES: An Essential Guide, for a helpful walk-thru on how to use crystals.

Vanessa of Rogue Wood Supply, and Nicole of Cree Ryan


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