Braver, stronger and more connected. This is what it means to be a modern mystical woman.

Learning how to stand strong, explore our deepest curiosities, and reconnect with our inner worlds is at the helm of what we are here to experience. This space helps encourage this philosophy.

Vanessa Kunderman, Rogue Wood Supply

Rogue Wood's
Vanessa Kunderman

My name is Vanessa. I'm a writer and published author, crystal reader, and college instructor from the Canadian Prairies. If you're looking to enhance your connection to spirit, the connection we have to one another, and pick up a few cool personal rituals along the way, you've come to the right place. Astrology, lunar insight, and a robust crystal directory wait for you here. 


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Crystal Readings:
My Divination of Choice

When you think about a crystal reading, you may see an old crone hovered over a giant crystal ball, but I use 12 small colourful balls instead. Modern divination is changing! Crystal Readings are in-person and reserved for the local community in Winnipeg at this time. If you're exploring from somewhere else, check out my guides and courses here.

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It's time to pay attention
to the moon

Crystals and moon insight are my speciality! Each year, I create a Moon Calendar to help you tap into the lunar energies influencing us. As we move through each phase, I write about what's happening on instagram and how we're affected; find me on IG here. You can also catch me writing over on Cameron Diaz's,, writing about mysticism and wellness.