Rogue Wood Supply


In 2015, our very first words were strewn together, born in the French Quarter of the Canadian Prairies. After migrating to the birch forests of Anola, Manitoba, Rogue Wood’s apothecary and atelier was born as Rogue Wood Supply.

Rogue Wood Supply’s heart lies in crystal healing. Nearly all the products in our supply shop are influenced by crystal culture, and despite being a sometimes misunderstood variety of alternative medicine, crystals act as an endless muse and inspiration for crafting thoughtful goods in our shop. It is our belief that they contribute to increasing our awareness to the energy of all living things, while returning our personal power to us in an increasingly unhealthy, fast-paced world.

Founder, Vanessa Kunderman, was first introduced to crystals in 2005, after battling cancer as a teenager and undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. Her first crystal was a onyx and rutilated quartz pendant, acting as the catalyst that spearheaded a lifelong relationship with stones stemming from all around the world. 

Through a continuous evolution, Rogue Wood Supply contributes to the conversation around self-care, thoughtfulness and reconnecting with slower, relaxed folk wisdom on our blog. Our small collection of contributors share honest, thought-provoking and curious viewpoints and tips, hoping to stimulate a reconnection with the wild feminine.

Our supplies are available at select stockists, and are offered to small businesses in Canada and the United States. 

We are proudly Canadian.

Vanessa Kunderman

Vanessa Kunderman is a published author and poet, and former columnist. Shortly after motherhood, she began wildcrafting from her land while sharing wellness tips rooted in folk wisdom for various online and print publications. With French and Austrian heritages, Vanessa stems from two grandmothers who both appreciated horticulture. She loves smoke bathing, morning coffee rituals and sleeping in.

Meghan Zahari is donut shop owner by day and a writer by night. In between, she does photography and social media accounts for other businesses. Motherhood and emotions are a 24/7 gig. She lives with her husband, Brett, daughter, Emelyn, and cousin, Laura. (Plus, a pug and a puggle.) It’s a full life with a full house, so her introverted soul seeks refuge by hiding away with a book or watching Buffy or Grey’s.

Nicole Ryan is an indigenous woman, wife and mother who owns a small creative business. She enjoys curling up in bed with a good book, cooking plant-based meals and visiting greenhouses. When she's not chasing after her toddler, Van, she can be found watering her plants, rearranging her furniture or sneaking out on dates with her husband, Josh.