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Valentine's Day tarot spread

Seriously coupled or seriously looking, check out our Valentine's Day spread to get some insight from the cards on your romantic life. This spread can be used if you're in an established relationship for more insight on the strengths and weaknesses in the partnership, or it can be used to help you self-reflect on what you need (and can offer) in a future relationship.

We're trying to do our part in promoting awareness around some of the over-harvested smoke cleansing items out there, primarily the ones that have become "trendy" in New Age spirituality. These trendy items are white sage, palo santo, rosewood and more, but we are focusing on these three, specifically, because these three are the ones we used to offer in our shop.

So here's the thing: a lot of people have no idea what to do with their crystals. But crystals are amazing amulets to promote self-care, reminding you of your dedication to your health and wellness. They keep you accountable. They keep you on track. They can help train us to take our power back, taking control over the direction we want our health to go.

I have always heard intuitive readers talking about protecting themselves while giving readings, be that energetically projecting intentions, inviting their guides in for support, or literally smudging between sessions. As someone who talks about intuitive abilities on the regular, this isn't easy for me to admit. But. I have always thought the idea of energetically protecting yourself from others while giving readings was a little... meh.

Since working through the Retrograde Project, this whole Mercury Retrograde dilemma has become a whole new ball game. While I'm still aware that things will slow down or require more of my focus, my anxiety around the few weeks of miscommunication has totally shifted. In fact, I'm usually grateful for the hiccups I catch with just a little more review on my part. If anything, MR has taught me to slow down, even further, to really process things around me.

I've started to give crystal readings using my self-designed lithomancy kit. This is a personal collection that I've curated to connect with a spirit teacher to offer insight to those I'm reading. Since I'll be giving quick readings all weekend at Prairie Love Festival, I wanted to share my process and some unique things about my kit. Especially because this is something you can make for yourself as well!